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How activation from direct learning works... feefee33 12/02/21 08:03 PM
So I'm direct learning (photoreading multiple books at once) without the intention of looking at any of the text.

My goal is to learn how to sell and develop the instinctual knack for it, without delving into all sorts of writing and theories.

I clearly know what kind of behaviours I want to elicit.

Now my question is this.

Are there any success stories of people engaging in direct learning and then having it activated for them?

In particular, what was the subjective experience for you? How did things unfold sensually and involving all your senses?

It would help me get a grip on what activation is (I understand it might be different from each person, but stories would be great nonetheless!)

Thank you!
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Re: Self Sabatage StevenJordan 11/29/21 05:58 PM
Wow. I am so glad this forum still alive because good supportive forums are pretty much gone. When I first log in I got attracted to this original and follow-up post because I am suffering from strong procrastination. I LOVE what I do for work and I am trying really hard to grow, but I sabotage myself by sleeping late and getting to work at about 11:00 AM (if I did not own my business I would be fired long ago, and if I was not amazing at what I do, I would have lost this current gig). But is hard to grow if I only work 6 hours a day... Why am I self-sabotaging myself? I will repeat what I mentioned to a friend a couple of days ago, I was educated on a very strict Jesuit Catholic School in which I was instructed on the merits of being poor, I also have vivid memories of when I was a child being hungry and afraid of losing our home. A couple of days ago as I was driving, a flash of repressed memory came clear into my mind (I think in response to why I sleep late -no matter at what time I go to bed), when I was in middle school I was kicked out from Catholic school and as punishment, I was sent to military school. So our wake-up time was 5:00 AM every day and had 30 minutes to be perfect information outside by 5:30 AM to start our morning exercises. I have to confess that as I am writing this, I am having a very tight stomach and I am kind of glad that I am typing this and not saying it out loud.

I have huge dreams, and a huge opportunity is just knocking on my door, and that is why I find myself here because I need to change, I need to convince my subconscious that I want to enjoy waking up again at 5:00 AM so I have time to meditate, do my QGong, and still be at work by 9:00 AM. Countless times I convinced myself to try waking up early until morning arrives...

I also have the bad habit of purchasing material that then sits on my shelves, I think I owned all paraliminals, and created a different problem because I have not used any of the material and I do not even know where to start. I am clear on what I want? Most certainly. Do I know how to get there? I have the feeling that stopping at procrastinating and trusting the Universe would be a huge meaning to get me there. There is also a lot of reading to sharing with the tribe, getting a partner to work with, hmmm love the idea, and I guess that is why I am sharing long-forgotten thoughts and emotions. I want to convert my past into my wisdom and be firm in my present ready to embrace my new amazing future.

thank you for reading,

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Daily Practice on Zoom SimplyK 11/25/21 11:19 PM
Hi! I just started joining the daily Spring Forest Qigong practice on Zoom & wanted to let you know I'm enjoying it! It's nice to have others to practice with & I find I look forward to it! Thank you!
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Re: Newbi Numerolgy jerymcd 11/24/21 01:03 PM
I don't belive in Life path numberLife Path Numbers, horoscopes, or any soothsaying. I belive in karma and hard works. god helps the individuals who tries sincerely and helps other people. so that is the explanation I dont belive in horoscopes.
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Re: Seeing aura’s is Synesthesia? TabithaHolmes 11/24/21 09:50 AM
[quote=johnson113]Although some people experience synesthesia as the same outcome as developing the ability to see auras, I don't believe it's the same. As I understand it, synesthesia is an involuntary experience, whereas what you are doing is deliberately enhancing and deepening that ability.
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Re: Syntopic Reading Adele_Dynamite 11/19/21 01:59 AM
Thank You Patrick for addressing my queries!
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Re: Blessing junk food SimplyK 11/18/21 05:21 PM
Shawn can correct me, but in my limited knowledge of this, my understanding is... Everything is energy - your body, your food, your home, etc - and it all has a vibration. When your energy is in harmony with your surroundings, food, etc it creates an optimal environment for peace, health, etc. to flourish. (I'm taking this class for my environment and Spring Forest QiGong for myself - love them both!)

Shawn mentioned "The Messages in Water" by Emoto... it's fascinating! And you can see where even something as good for you as water could potentially impact you negatively if the energy is "off". What I get from all this is that food/drink has an energy that is not necessarily connected to whether or not the food/drink is considered nutritionally good for you. If you bump up/bless it, it harmonizes the food/water so it doesn't negatively impact your energy... but it doesn't change how nutritional it is. I now bump/bless all my food/drink.

Hope this makes some sense! 🙂
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Re: Syntopic Reading Patrick O'Neil 11/16/21 10:03 PM
Hi Adele!
#4: I use my multiple intelligences.
#7: I recognize my genius mind and optimize my memory.
#8 could be.... I accomplish my highest purpose for reading.
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Re: New Paraliminals? Wendy_Greer 11/16/21 07:54 PM
Hi Hobo!

There is no firm release date yet, but hopefully Summer of 2022. the new titles/topics will be:

Active Listening
Happy Money (with Ken Honda)
Finding Yourself

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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Re: New Paraliminals? Hobo 11/16/21 06:17 PM
Is there an update on the new paraliminals? I was sent a survey with many titles and I got to choose the ones that I would like to see produced. That was a long time ago. I am really looking forward to these coming out. Is there a release date?
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Re: Previewing , postviewing and other questions. Noradavis 11/16/21 08:20 AM
When Previewing in step 2, plan to go for and gather up to a dozen key words and phrases, spending no more than 2 minutes. You'll always be able count on getting key words/phrases from each of the chapter titles, and any bold or italicized words,which intuitively seem to carry the bulk of the meaning and content on the page. Gather up those words, without looking for meaning or'll build those connections during step 5 Activation.

In step 4 Postviewing, write down each question you create with your trigger words and phrases. You should have anywhere from 5-10 questions going into each 30-minute activation pass.As you begin crafting several or more Postviewing questions for each activation pass, you'll notice a nice improvement in how much more your inner mind will intuitively guide you to be attracted to the portions of text which contain answers to your questions.

Add a layer of branches to your Mind Map from each activation pass with key words and phrases. And, periodically review your Mind Maps. Each time you move through your Mind Map, you will reconstruct and strengthen all of those new memory threads, giving you better and better access to those details in

spacebar clicker Spacebar clicker is the modified version of the spacebar counter in the space bar clicker we can use even our mouse to make the hit on the spacebar. You’ll enjoy much more fun by playing with the spacebar clicker counter. As you tap your spacebar, the space bar clicker makes a score with your every click. So, let’s press the space bar as fast as you can and make an unlimited number of clicks to challenge your abilities. Since it is a very dynamic tool,
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Re: Direct learning duration Noradavis 11/16/21 08:16 AM
At the same time, consider the times you were driven to learn something or complete an assignment in a course entirely on your own or in collaboration with others. Think about your motivations for successfully completing a particular assignment or course of study. Recall the times you may have inspired others or worked in cooperation with peers to successfully complete a team assignment. These are all examples of self-directed learning. This term is common in higher education theory and in conversations about the different ways we learn in both informal and formal settings. According to the renowned adult educator Malcolm S. Knowles:

The basic idea behind this clicker counter Clicker counter is to measure the clicks in a particular time interval. That means if you select the time for 30 sec, it will set the timer for 30 sec. As the timer starts, you also have to start clicking on the mouse pad.
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Syntopic Reading Adele_Dynamite 11/15/21 10:30 AM
Hi I am trying to recall what the steps are to 7-energy taps for good activation.
Appreciate if you could tell me what was no. 4 and 7.

1. Eyebrow centre – I set the stage with good inputs
2. Side of the eyes – I open access to my accelerative learning mind
3. Under the eyes – I ask effective questions
4. Upper lip – What was this?
5. Lower lip – I remain primary consciousness
6. Chest – I maintain positive expectancy
7. Under the arm – What was this?
8. On top of head – create one for myself
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Re: Are people using Pure Energy? glory 11/12/21 08:28 AM
Pete and I both enjoy mixing them up as well, doing one after another without any particular order. This gives a really expanded sense of all areas of your life.
SPACEBAR COUNTER Pure energy is any field energy, like potential energy, any kinetic energy, like a fast moving particle, but no mass energy of stable or nearly stable massive particles which would require a process to turn into work.
The Meditations for Your Life pertain to the Abundance in your life, your Health, Relationships, Environment and Spiritual Expansion. These can be done in a purposeful, scheduled way or spontaneously, whenever you are drawn to a particular one.
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Re: New pathways to enlightenment group Wendy_Greer 11/10/21 02:48 PM
Hi Gabbyjaffy!

I'm not sure what you are referencing as the last posting on this thread was done in 2016. Did you post something that has been removed?

Wendy Greer
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Re: Blessing junk food weissursula 11/10/21 11:02 AM
Getting thinner or staying in shape, one of the significant part is to keep away from the shoddy nourishment, then, at that point, add some activity, actually I think food is the initial step and the key, eating quality food and appropriate sum, then, at that point, it isn't difficult to be solid and acceptable shape
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Re: New pathways to enlightenment group gabbyjaffy32 11/10/21 07:42 AM
I'm cherishing the reflections however I am disillusioned not to have had a reaction from you about this, particularly as the course was promoted as including the office of a discussion. Facebook isn't tantamount; it comes up short on the private, comfortably encased strong construction a gathering can offer.
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Re: Sun and Moon Meditation rosewell32 11/09/21 11:55 AM
I wish I could reflect however I'm simply so discombobulated: vatVat
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