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Re: Conflicting activations ara31 03/18/20 03:00 PM
Thank you Shawn,

I really makes sense now.

So grateful for your answer!

Take care,

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Photosucking as a first step to omniscience? Erick_Alvim 03/14/20 08:29 PM
Can anyone who has done photosucking ( that is have visualized a page of book without having ever seen the book before) tell me if you have any guesses as to mechanisms by witch these things are taking place?

And also can you speculate a possible study path to developing this skill?

ps. I would like to dedicate quite a large chunck of my future to investigate this possible phenomenon witch also seem to be correlated with the possible phenomenon of Xenoglossy.
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Re: How to stop subvocalizing? Drew 03/05/20 03:38 PM
AS you peruse the text, consciously don't read entire lines. Start/stop several words before the beginning and end of each line. Your unconscious will still see the words.
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Re: Mindmap detail Haron12 03/01/20 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by Drew
Mind maps are used in as much detail you want or need. It will all come down to your purpose for PhotoReading the book and how much information you want to retain.

You could mind map each chapter of a book and, then 'join' them together to create a super mind map.

You can use the table of contents to help you.

Forget the mind map for a second. If you had to describe to somebody in 10 keywords what you have just read - what are those keywords? That's your mind map. Mindmaps can also include images.

Mindmaps follow the 80/20 rule. What 20% covers 80% of the book?

And in case I want to retain the maximum amount of information I can from a book, what do I have to do?
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Photoreading in Spanish Haron12 03/01/20 02:53 PM

hello to all guys, I was wondering that if anyone knows if there are face-to-face courses / online in Spanish or in Spain, I know that there is a version of the book in Spanish, in fact I have it, but I would also like to do a course

Sorry if my english is not good , i am 19 , i am spanish and I actually learning english

greetings !
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Re: Why does one not do things that helps one? ipc33 02/28/20 07:38 PM
Thank you.
I suppose I should have called this thread Self Sabotage

Blessings to you 😊
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