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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
10/16/18 09:29 PM
The "GEL" effect, on a typical book around 200 pages, with a comprehension goal of 75%-85%, can occur within 4-5 Activation passes, not 4-5 seconds.

We use the term "GEL" to describe the point where, you have when you've spent enough time manually activating the information, it all comes together at a conscious level, and you experience it at a level that's normally difficult to get to with regular slow reading.

Sometimes, the entire book GELS, and you consciously recognize you comprehend it at a level that satisfies your purpose for reading. Or, you'll know where you want to go back in and activate more details with Rapid Reading.

Other times, you may have 4 or 5 30-minute activation passes, and still feel like you're not getting anything. But then, on one of the next activation passes, the whole book will begin to GEL.

And the best part, you will have spent a 1/3 to 1/5 of the time you would have normally spent with regular slow reading, and you achieve better comprehension with improved retention.

With fiction, you probably wouldn't want to spoil the storyline by activating the entire story from beginning to end, in layers from whole-to-parts. For pleasure reading, you will want to Prepare & PhotoRead the book the night before you plan to go through it. Then, the next day go right into Rapid Reading from beginning to end. You'll find your speed will fluctuate quite a bit, as you flow through the text. And your mental imagery is greatly enhanced.

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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
10/16/18 04:41 PM
When you ask a question, your inner mind goes on a search for the answer, and it brings up the necessary association structures so you can achieve your goal.

I suggest re-affirming your purpose and re-PhotoRead your math book(s) once a day for the next couple of days. Since it is heavily detailed, a quick re-PhotoRead will help strengthen how all the patterns of text are absorbed into your non-conscious mind;

“My purpose for PhotoReading & activating this math book, is to be able to understand the formulas and apply them with ease.”

Then, after you close the book, give yourself these closing affirmations:

“What in this information do I need to know to help me master the formulas and solve the problems?

“What do I need to do to overcome my personal barrier to becoming an excellent math student.

“What can I do to develop a love for math?

“How can I begin to see, understand, and appreciate the mathematics in everything around me?

And, right before you begin a study session, give yourself this affirmation:

“inner mind, bring up the necessary association structures, so I can quickly understand how to solve these math problems.”

Let me know how this helps!

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Diamond Feng Shui
10/11/18 11:07 PM
Thank you very much Wendy,

That is really good to know.

I will continue to enjoy spending lots of time floating around in my annual relationship, flying star 4 space!

Kind regards,
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
10/08/18 02:49 PM
Hi Pro-Musician!

Yes the benefits of the main Sonic Access program transfer to the Sonic Access Four Seasons. You have the added benefit of layering in the cyclical power of nature as you work through the components of Spring (planting), Summer (growing), Autumn (harvesting) and Winter (dormant and regenerative).

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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