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Re: Question on Butterflies? JayK 10/15/21 01:32 AM
Hi shakurav,

Not sure if you're still active on this forum, but I just wanted to thank you so much your great explanation. I was about to post a question regarding the use of colorful butterflies versus smoke (which I can barely visualize). I've got Master Lin's Butterfly Meditation CD on order.

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Visualizations Other Than Smoke JayK 10/15/21 01:06 AM
I understand that when we breathe in the energy of the universe we are supposed to breath out the stagnant or bad energy by visualizing it as smoke. But is it okay or even effective to visualize it as something else?

This probably sounds pretty weird and artsy fartsy, but it's easier for me to visualize the stagnant energy or excess energy, turning into colorful butterflies that leave my body and travel to the ends of the universe. No trying to invent anything new here, it's just that one of my hobbies is photographing butterflies, and the colorful imagery comes more easily to me by far than smoke. Well, if it's a bad idea I'll stick with the program.

All replies are welcome and appreciated.
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Re: Seeing aura’s is Synesthesia? veryot 10/13/21 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by Wendy_Greer
Hi Pro-Musician!

While developing your capacities to see auras might be related to the outcome some people experience due to synesthesia, I don't think it would be considered the same thing. My understanding is that synesthesia is an involuntary experience, while what you are doing is purposefully seeking to enhance and deepen that skill.
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All the best!
I don't think it looks exactly the same. My agreement is that synesthesia is a mandatory encounter, whereas what you are doing is deliberately trying to improve and develop that competence.
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Re: Yin and Yang Water Shawn_Grim 10/04/21 08:40 PM
As with everything, check-in with your physician. Ying tang water a couple of times during the day can assist with a lot of things - I'll usually have friends and clients dealign with a migraine start with that before I work on them.

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Re: Deleting account Patrick O'Neil 09/28/21 08:29 PM
I will delete your account shortly.
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Re: Previewing , postviewing and other questions. Patrick O'Neil 09/28/21 08:25 PM
Keep in mind your purpose for reading the book throughout the process. Only seek out information that only satisfies that purpose. A purpose can change during activation. Be flexible.

It's fine to review your questions once at the start of activation. As you progress through the book, you might have additional questions that are more relevant.

It is good to skip words and sentences when dipping. You are not trying to get full comprehension at this point. Avoid getting into the trap of regular reading too much. Gently question yourself from time to time if what you are reading is relevant to your purpose.

Spend 5-10 minutes with an average size book to note 20-25 trigger words. Keep it light and easy. Avoid any worry about getting the perfect words. Make it a fun game!

The key to success with this process is keep applying some or all of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System every time you read. The more you do, the sooner you will get comfortable with it.

Enjoy your PhotoReading success!

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Re: Entire room in unfavorable direction(s) DavidH 09/23/21 08:22 PM
This is a great response, and in line with other similar responses. I am delving into the time feng shui... Your response is amongst the most detailed I've read, amazing. Thank you for your ideas!

On the general level, just as Feng Shui will never be "perfect" it also doesn't Necessarily have to be "feng shui'd" in my (disfavorable) storage room, but just mostly FS'ing the entrance, living room, office, and bedroom, etc.

Thank you!
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Re: Headboard - Poison Arrow or Not? mpressgranger 09/23/21 02:46 AM
Thank you so much Wendy for the clarification. I even did some muscle testing thinking about this bed and it came back all good! Looks cozy to me. smile

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Re: Self Sabatage Wendy_Greer 09/22/21 06:26 PM
Hi Denisse!

What would be helpful will depend to a large extent on why you are procrastinating. If what you’re doing doesn’t support or isn’t congruent with what you value, that’s a different kettle of fish from being afraid to put yourself out there.

From a general perspective, though, I would suggest, taking a look at Get Around To It, Break the Habit or if you’re feeling REALLY stuck any of the Generator Paraliminals that seem appropriate.

Another great Paraliminal for assessing what you value in your life would be Success Built to Last and Self-Discipline is often helpful for ferreting out values misalignments.

All the best to you!
Wendy Greer
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Re: Online Trading Denisse70 09/22/21 08:42 AM
Yes you have elaborated things very well
a few of their recent reports
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