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Period Stars lorac 02/02/23 08:41 PM
Could someone tell me why there are shaded areas on the Period Stars Charts in Diamond Feng Shui? I can't seem to find any explanation for them. Thank you!
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Cures and Colors DMarys 01/30/23 05:14 PM

I am reviewing the yearly chart for 2023. When we are looking at each area, do we do the cure AND also place the color mentioned in each of the 9 areas?
Also, when it comes to the illness star in the east, can one use the illness star hexagram picture from Level 3 or is the cure (wind chime) recommended instead of this?

Thank you.
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Re: Just Finished 100 Days of Qigong Now What? SimplyK 01/15/23 05:02 PM
Congratulations on doing 100 days in a row of Qigong! What a great accomplishment! I've been doing SFQ for a couple of years - started with the original Level 1. Got the original Level 2, and now have been doing the new course/exercises. I tend to keep my practices separate, figuring Master Lin has chosen them to work together as a complete group. In the morning, I practice the new exercises (1/2 hour). In the afternoon/early evening, I practice Level 2 (about 20 minutes right now), and I do the Small Universe meditation just before bed - I find it quiets my mind and I sleep better. There are times when I feel "called" to do the original Level 1 exercises, so I'll replace one of my sessions with that. This seems to work for me as, like you, my stress levels are down and my body's energy is up.
When I first started doing healing on others, I started with family and close friends. I just followed the steps Master Lin taught in Level 2. I've had good results! And the more I do it, the more confident I get.
This is what I do now... next month it may change...I find I'm following my intuition more now. I think adding in the sitting meditation is a good idea for you - it's actually enjoyable!
I hope this helps! Wishing you much joy, love, and laughter in your life! 🙂
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