Re: Long Term Goals vs Present Moment Wendy_Greer 06/22/22 03:48 PM
Hi Allison!

Any time you have a large goal that seems intimidating, it’s a great idea to chunk down that goal into smaller steps. Break that big goal down into smaller time periods. You might have yearly goals, half-yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily/hourly goals. These will all be built around the attainment of that larger goal

This makes the bigger goal feel more manageable and also give you some bench marks for the progress you are making. That, in turn, enhances your motivation, persistence and momentum.

I’m not sure what personal learning courses you have, but from a Paraliminal perspective, you might want to look at Belief, Success Built to Last, Focus and Concentration and Automatic Pilot.

Take a look at the complete listing of Paraliminals under the “All Products” link on our website and see what other titles and descriptions draw you. I find we are all far wiser than we give ourselves credit for!

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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