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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
06/21/18 10:13 PM
I would try to get access to the PDF version of the Audio Book, and then have a couple of PhotoReads of it, and then play the audio book portion when you are in a place without distraction. As you listen, notice all the images that are triggered up into your conscious mind from and during the audio book, Create many Postviewing questions, with the positive expectation your inner mind will provide you/connect your conscious awareness to the portions of the book which answer those questions, in your case as the book is being read to you.
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
06/21/18 03:46 PM
Good good. Keep going. And a tip for getting the most out of your mind maps. When done correctly, you will add a layer of branches to your mind map with key words and prhases from your last Activation pass. Go back and review your mind map periodically. Notice the flood of detail that bubbles up in your conscious mind as you recognize the key words and prhases. Doing this will help strengthen the reconstruction of those new memory threads in the future.
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Diamond Feng Shui
06/15/18 04:28 AM
Hi Heather,

a good option is a curtain between bed and door to slow down the flow of qi.

All the best,

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Diamond Feng Shui
06/15/18 04:21 AM
Hi Benjamin,

Try to place the cures in the respective areas of your office, i.e. the conflict star cure in the northwest area pf your office.

All the best,
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Diamond Feng Shui
06/15/18 04:16 AM
Hi Benjamin!

In my experience, the conflict star can be cured by the color red or by regular burning a candle. If the fruits on your pictures are red, then it's no problem. Just make sure that there are no blue, black or green colors. I have had the experience that wooden objects such as tables do not work as wood element because the wood is dead, their effect is more like earth element. You should be fine with a bowl of cherries.

Regarding your second question: it depends. If you feel the effects of the conflict star try the hexagram in your relationship direction. If you can place any red object close to the office door it will work as well.

All the best,
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
06/12/18 09:39 PM
Hi ipc33!

I would definitely use Letting Go, along with Simplicity and Belief, to streamline your life and enhance your faith in your innate ability to access expansion, light and harmony.

Depending on why your life is not already feeling open and spacious, you might also consider the New History, New Option or New Behavior Generators.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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Diamond Feng Shui
06/11/18 07:47 PM
Hi Mochadia!

Any time you cannot harness the good day chi that you get from having a front door facing one of your good directions, or the good night chi that comes from having the crown of your head pointing in one of your good directions, you want to be sure to effectively activate those directions in any area where you spend significant amounts of time.

Create activations that are strong, clear and dynamic representations of what you want more of. Because my husband and I have opposite good directions, I've wrestled with this quite a bit and I find that clear statements of where I am trying to go and what I want to achieve can do a lot to offset challenging circumstances.

You're way ahead of the game because you recognize what is going on and can now do something about it. Isn't knowing about feng shui great?!

With love
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
06/08/18 12:05 AM
Thanks Wendy!
All the Best
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
06/06/18 07:12 PM

Yes, Paul is doing a weekend retreat of LIVE Paraliminals focused on your success. You gotta keep reading, because I’m thinking you’ll love it.

Could you use a reboot? A couple of days to kick back, relax, and bring out a fresh, new you?

A new you that not only feels great, but generates new real-life results?

Paul Scheele has been putting the finishing touches on a new weekend retreat, and he is ready to open the doors.

Yes, you will learn a lot, because Paul -- the genius behind Learning Strategies -- has so much to share, but the weekend will not focus on lectures or you working hard.

It will be all about YOU, your well-being, your unlimited success

Paul will guide you through nine live Paraliminal sessions that encompass your entire being and revitalize everything good about you.

This will impact your most important goal of the year in ways you may not have imagined. Paul has designed it so you will see real results in your first week home after the retreat.

Here’s what Paul said:

“Imagine selecting one major goal or up to four smaller ones. These would be objectives important enough that when achieved, the world changes for you and you notice it.

“We will have mini-dialogues throughout the weekend to illuminate your personal resources and allow your nonconscious mind to reveal an emerging energy tagged with possibility.

“I will capture that for the third track of the live Paraliminals. This will lead to deep changework throughout the weekend.

“As we sit together with headphones, ready for a Paraliminal session, you set your intention, close your eyes, and relax.

“Everyone around you will experience the same session, creating the real gem of our gathering. Our brains will synchronize to the exact same Holosync frequency at the same moment, creating a resonance field in the room that amplifies the impact and benefits of the inner work we do.

“It’s like linking dozens of supercomputers together at once. The power becomes amazing.

“At the same time that everyone’s brains are vibrating at such a deep level of learning and change, I will do a live “third track” that brings you the biggest value of all.

“Not only will you hear two versions of me in the headphones from the recording, but I’ll be bringing in a live third version. This version will be one that ties each Paraliminal to each other so that as you go through the nine sessions, they stitch together like a quilt.”

The weekend retreat becomes like a Paraliminal tapestry, with your objectives and resources woven together and layered, supporting you as you go home. You have not experienced anything like this before.

You will not have to study anything. You will not have to learn theories. Come with an important goal or intention, relax, and bask in the experience. You go home with a new outlook, knowing you are a new person ready for a new set of experiences.

A mini-retreat with all of the benefits of a full retreat

Dr. Paul Scheele has led live Paraliminal sessions many times at our events, but this is the first time the full weekend is pledged to Paraliminal experiences.

“That’s why we don’t need a full week,” said Paul. “Free time is so precious, and I have been looking at how to condense retreats in ways that give all the benefits in a fraction of the time. Paraliminals make it possible.”

According to Paul’s findings, a retreat must provide an immersion into five life-enhancing opportunities that are mostly missing from our lives. Relax. Reflect. Repair. Re-energize. Re-inspire.

Live Paraliminal sessions, deliberately selected and personally guided, are your golden ticket for the perfect weekend retreat. All the benefits of a longer retreat in half the time.

Imagine a weekend that evolves into a web literally woven through your entire life, supporting your objectives in ways you may not have considered. Not only do you see immediate results from fully recharging your brain, body, and emotions, you also see how the magic of Paraliminal technology generates the up-leveling of your life when you return home.

At home, you’ll listen to Paraliminals that speak to you. Everything will be buoyed and supported by the weekend. As you move forward with your objective, you will know you cannot fail, you can only win.

And that’s what this weekend becomes for you. A living, breathing bridge to help you achieve your biggest and most important goals.

Come, Transform, Achieve
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Can you join us for a weekend this September 21, 22, and 23?

We will meet for dinner on Friday, September 21, at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West in Minnesota. From there we’ll have a welcome session and your first live Paraliminal.

We’ll break for the evening so you have plenty of time to get a good eight hours of sleep, something too easy to skimp on in today’s world. Bring an uplifting novel, knitting, or stationery to write letters. You’ll want to have a relaxing evening without television, email, or Facebook. It’s about you taking care of yourself.

We’ll meet for a leisurely breakfast, have time for a walk, maybe a little qigong or yoga, and then dive into the four Paraliminals of the day, two in the morning and two after lunch.

After a group dinner, you’ll have the evening to yourself, and we’ll meet again in the morning for more Paraliminals.

There will be no rushing. It will be all relaxation, freedom, and pause.

You’ll be ready to soar home about 4:30 on Sunday afternoon.

The all-inclusive tuition is $1280. If you enroll now, you will receive a $200 Early Bird discount.

The tuition includes dinner on Friday, your Friday evening hotel room, three delicious meals on Saturday, your Saturday evening hotel room, and two meals on Sunday. You’ll have nothing to worry about. You’ll be well taken care of. We’ve been doing events at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West for 25 years. They know how to serve with care, smiles, and comfort.

To enroll, please make a $180 deposit today. You can make your deposit by You can make your deposit by clicking on this link.

Or you can call Kadi in our office during Minneapolis business hours. Her direct line is 952-767-9817. The balance will be charged to your card a month before the weekend retreat. Talk with Kadi if you’d like a payment plan. Your deposit will be fully refundable until August 21.

Your weekend retreat for real-life results

Paul has mapped your new Paraliminal Weekend Retreat to flow like this:

Gaining Goal Clarity and Setting Intention
Gathering Resource States
Changing Negative Habits of Expectation
Opening Possibility with Neural Flexibility
Designing Sleep Learning Playlists
Understanding Changework Protocols
Gaining Momentum
Restoring the Systems
Keeping the Energy Going

It’s designed to shake uneasiness out of your life with a course correction and regeneration. It gives you multiple inner mind “massages” that direct your nonconscious mind toward new results. And it sends you home primed to make significant progress toward your goals.

All in 2-1/2 days. We’ll follow-up with more details after you enroll.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to you being with Paul at the first-ever Paraliminal Weekend Retreat.

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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
06/05/18 06:25 PM
Keep playing with it!

Each time you take a moment to become aware of that space right above and behind your head with the Tangerine, you should begin to notice that you are able to take in a larger area
within your peripheral vision.
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
06/05/18 06:19 PM
Thanks for your post.

He would have PhotoRead the entire book and then Supre Reading & Dipping chapter by chapter.

Paul Scheele says, once you PhotoRead a book "it's in there"...meaning, that entire book has been absorbed by your inner mind. The next step is to "get active" with the material with the Activation techniques which turn on your inner mind to intuitively guide your conscious awareness to be attracted to Dip in to dozens of different places through the book.

If you have a highly detailed book, or textbook, you're best to begin activating by having a couple of (30) minute activation passes to get the structure of the whole book at a conscious level. Then, go back and fully activate each chapter one at a time. Treat each chapter as if it is a book in itself, and a Mind Map for each chapter.

Keep your Previewing time brief -- 1-2 minutes is sufficient.

Create and craft questions during Postviewing, as well as during your Activation passes.
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
06/04/18 06:31 PM
Hi again, Fearlessness!

You want a clear statement of what you want more of, not what you want less of. It needs to be in your words, but might be something along the lines of "I live my life in effortless flow, stepping into each day with courage, compassion and joy."

If you're really stuck on what the "towards" is, write down all the things that you think represent fear and then flip them 180 degrees. That will give you somewhere to start.

Wendy Greer
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
06/02/18 09:49 PM
Ok thank you smile
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
06/01/18 10:25 PM
Thank you Dana!
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
06/01/18 10:24 PM
Thank you Dana for your help. I was amazing how much just reading top half the words helps to speed up the reading! So glad to have learned this tip from the PhotoReading book. Just by doing that, my reading speed is already much faster.

I will keep practicing :-)
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Spring Forest Qigong
05/31/18 07:11 AM
vero boquete comparte su dolor en una carta abierta

Bastaron solo siete d para que el ambiente del Real Madrid se transformara de la total euforia a la incertidumbre. Hicimos un primer tiempo bueno, pero fuimos m d defensivamente. El fútbol ofensivo del Bara se estrelló con el último muro madridista. El capit del FC Barcelona, Xavi Hern ha explicado que, si solo depender de no se ir del club azulgrana, pero que circunstancias son las que mandan como ocurri este verano, en el que estuvo a punto de marcharse hasta maglie da calcio que habl con el club y explic que no quer en otro equipo de Europa fuera por m nunca me ir del Barcelona, pero las circunstancias son las que mandan.

Esta vez para el francés, al que el gol debería hacer justicia. El partido se enfriaba a falta de 20 minutos, ambos equipos parecían firmar un pacto de no agresión por el empate y el 0 0 se cotizaba bajo en las casas de apuestas. Estamos esperanzados en ello. En un noticias de futbol programa de la cadena brasilea Sportv, el jugador contó que tuvo que reaprender incluso a beber agua y que tuvo muchas dudas sobre si volvería a andar.. Del once inicial, sólo Abidal y Touré suenan a piezas titulares en el tablero azulgrana.

Era maillot foot 2018 una de esas tardes que no salía nada", resaltó.. Es que no podia trabajar, no daba golpe en bola de retro football shirts la taquicardia que tenia, NO TE JODE.148 Este comentario ha sido eliminado por no cumplir las normas de participaci que el que no estas normal eres football news tu, que te has equivocado de foro, el de coches y motor es otra secci "lotus_racing", si es que equipe de france foot estas acabadito de levantar.. Y decantarse por el sistema 3 5 2 que estos jugadores se conocen de memoria. Que tener más ganas de no querer perder, esa mentalidad agresiva, en el buen sentido de la palabra.
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Spring Forest Qigong
05/30/18 07:49 PM
Thank you so much, Shawn,

Interestingly I just had a beautiful practice before reading your message, and what I tried was exactly what you said. I invited my tongue to be in that position at the beginning and then let it go to do what it needed to do. You were right that sometimes it drifted back to the roof of my mouth, while at other times it did other things. Most importantly, it didn't distract me too much and I was able to feel the energy and have a really enjoyable session, both with some active exercises and the small universe meditation.

Thank you also for the clarification of exactly where to put the tongue. I had wondered about this, at the place you mention is certainly easier (less tension) than trying to put the tongue any further back.

Lastly, I am trying to do my practice around solar noon when possible, since I believe Master Lin said that the front and back channels connect automatically at this time. (And at midnight, but I would fall asleep then!) I appreciate what you said about having the intention that the channels will connect no matter what my tongue does - I was hoping that would be the case!

It is wonderful that your advice and my intuition converged! Thank you so much! I am grateful to be back to practicing (and to have it be a positive experience again.)

All the best to you!
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
05/29/18 09:51 PM
Thank you Wendy!
All the best.
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
05/29/18 09:50 PM
Thank you Wendy !
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
05/29/18 09:48 PM
Thank you Wendy !
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