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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
02/15/19 07:32 PM

How many paraliminals can i use in a day,

2, 3? What would be beneficial? I know four paraliminals a day is to much.

Please help i want paraliminals to be beneficial instead the other way around.



Ps. My english is not my native language, does this matter? I tend to translate while i'm listening and that i have to translate to make it work.
Pss. Can i listen to Creating Sparks even if i don't have a planned date or have someone i want to create sparks with, does this paraliminal help to attract someone?

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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
02/13/19 11:10 PM
That is an individual journey, different for everyone. We are continually improving our ability to know our intuition. When you are wrong following your hunch while going through the book, just notice what internal pattern led you down the wrong path to learn for the future. Put no judgements or negative on it. Just keep flowing forward! smile
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Genius Code
02/13/19 02:09 PM
Hello smile
Is anyone interested in doing Image Streaming together through skype?

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Diamond Feng Shui
02/11/19 03:22 PM
Hi 4space!

Period 9 will start in 2024 and we don't anticipate having those charts available for another 3 or 4 years.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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Spring Forest Qigong
02/07/19 07:44 PM
Hi gecko66,

One of the first things that pops into my head is remembering Chunyi talking about in his classes a long time ago wink was not to put energy back into the teeth after clearing the extra energy/blockages. They belong to the Lung System, so clear the lungs and the relative area of the spine.

He did an entire session in the Deep Healing for Health Conditions series on Teeth and Gums that will be available for purchase again on February 26th, I believe. So give a call to Learning Strategies then to see if you can order the session.

Much Love,

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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
02/07/19 03:16 PM
You can reformulate the question or just desire an answer to the original question and move on to the next question. There are no set rules with using the PhotoReading Whole Mind System. Go with your ideas for strategizing and what works best for you.
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
02/01/19 08:40 PM
Hi Patrick,
thanks for the info. Can you help me find the posts on Syntopic Reading, as there is no 'Search' button on the forum?
Best wishes,
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
02/01/19 06:48 PM
Cool idea.. I'm in the DC/ Maryland/ Virginia area. Anyone here in this area get in touch smile
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
01/28/19 06:48 PM
Hi HarinathRavi!

I would probably use "Focus and Concentration, Letting Go" and/or "Power Thinking" before studying.

One other consideration might be to do a "brain dump" before you start to study. Simply verbalize or write down what is on your mind, so you get it out of your system. If some of what arises seems to be part of a "to do" list, reassure your conscious and other than conscious mind that you will deal with the "to do's" when you are done studying. However, for now you are setting aside this time for the sole purpose of studying the materials at hand.

Sometimes that simple reassurance can make all the difference!

Wendy Greer
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
01/21/19 08:57 PM
Hi again IPC33!

Use it with whatever paraliminal(s) you think are most pertinent and appropriate.

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Spring Forest Qigong
01/17/19 11:39 PM
Chiropractic care is very helpful since they can also show you how you are holding yourself and talk about posture-corrective tips and exercises.

The harvesting of Qi exercises at the end of the active exercises can help open up structural blockage as well.

Have a straight back doesn't necessarily mean a stiff, strained some of the meditations, Master Lin takes you through relaxing from your head to your toes. You can be relaxed and not ramrod straight, while still having that sense of a string holding you up from your crown while your chin is slightly tucked in to straighten out the spine.

Some of what you are talking about can be due to low kidney energy, so get sleep, limit sexual activity, and slowly work up your meditation practice time.

Do a little stretching before your meditation can help to open up that sacrum area, as well as doing the tailbone taps before and when you are done (not to mention at random times during the day when you are walking from here to there). Opening up the sacrum opens up the entire lower part of the body.

stretching, opening up the sacrum (tailbone tapping), and doing what another amazing teacher of mine taught us about keeping your crown pulled up gently by a thread and dropping/sinking your stress and excess energy from your head down to your shoulders, from your shoulders to your hips, from your hips to the floor, and from the floor to the core of the earth...that's a great way to start your sitting meditations. She's taught this "dropping in" piece to massage therapists, estheticians, nail techs, CEO's, board members all over the world - anyone can benefit from doing that simple presence tool before starting their work or meeting. I'll usually have the people I lead in morning qigong exercises during our retreat do this post active exercises when I have them line up and massage the person standing in from of them. Massage for a bit first, then I walk them through the drop in and then massage the person standing in front of them again. The difference in the presence you bring to it makes a big difference, as it will at your meeting, presentation, etc.

Another little piece for the spine would be interlacing the fingers of each hand (it ends up sort of looking like your spine when you look at it, doesn't it?), and sliding them apart then jamming them together. repeat. Not super hard, but do you feel the impact where they come together at the base of the fingers. Do this for a minute or so to help activate the energy flow in your spine.

Much Love,

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