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Future Mapping
04/26/18 04:13 PM
I have a question: how does Future Mapping different from Unlimited Futures.
Can they compliment each other?
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/26/18 03:49 PM
Many thanks Dana, that's cleared it up for me.
Mind you, some of these texbooks are so technical that I only understand one word in three, so maybe my non conscious mind wil help me out here :-)

Best wishes,
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/25/18 08:49 PM

There should be no reason you cannot SuperRead & Dip through the text, building conscious comprehension very, very quickly in layers, from whole-to-parts. Structure first, and layer upon layer of more and more detail with each 30-minute activation pass.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the level of comprehension you want, the more 30-minute activation passes you will have. You'll be building "better" comprehension that your inner mind will be able to reconstruct later at a conscious level much more efficiently. And, you will end up spending a 1/3rd to 1/5th the amount of time to achieve the same comprehension level than you would have to spend with regular slow reading, one word at a time at one speed left-to-right.
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/21/18 02:01 PM
Thank you very much.
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/19/18 03:28 PM
You're on the right track!
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/18/18 04:36 PM
The number of Activation passes you'll need to have with a 250 page book will depend on the level of comprehension you are going for.

The higher the level of comprehension you want, the more Activation passes you'll spend.

You should easily be able to pose up to a dozen questions at the beginning of each pass.

"GEL" is a term we use to describe the feeling you experience when you have spent enough time activating your book, and the point when you realize you comprehend the book at the level which satisfies your purpose for reading it.

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Diamond Feng Shui
04/18/18 08:57 AM
Hi Wendy,

Many thanks for your reply, I did some muscle testing and I think I will turn my desk and see how that feels, I would still face my Growth direction.

I do have the Diamond feng shui up in this room but I might also put another one up over the front door - I've already got the illness and conflict hexagrams in gold frames over the front door but it all helps !

Thanks again
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Diamond Feng Shui
04/14/18 11:42 PM

Thanks again Wendy,

I will use muscle testing and my dowsing rods to check. Creating two separate floor plans seems like an excellent thing to do as an extra check, so will try that too.

Thank you for all your help.
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Diamond Feng Shui
04/14/18 11:36 PM
Thank you Wendy,

Interestingly, muscle testing and my dowsing rods indicate it is better to activate the rose quartz adjacent to my front door.
It does feel good walking past and seeing the rose quartz when going in and out of the front door too.
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
04/12/18 06:16 PM
Hi Ron,

Thank you for your question.

Yes, you can purchase the additional (9) Paraliminal titles separately which were released after the Ultimate You Library - set of (42).

For more details and to order, call our customer service department at 888-800-2688 between the hours of 8am to 5:pm..Central Time.

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Diamond Feng Shui
04/09/18 05:31 PM

If you have the physical course, they are included as individual note cards. If you have the digital course, they will be listed in the Diamond Feng Shui Essentials Download Course Materials & Files section.


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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/06/18 04:50 PM
It's not judged by vision type.

The PhotoReader who has fully activated more books would be the better candidate to achieve a desired comprehension level in the shortest amount of time, with improved retention.

How many books have you fully activated so far? "Fully activate" means, you've repeated the 30-minute activation passes until the entire book "GELLED" at a conscious level.
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/06/18 04:44 PM
You're on the right track.

Keep questioning, keep your curiosity to find out everything the book has to offer, and how it can positively impact your life, and satisfy your goal for reading.

Stimulate your curiosity at the beginning of each Activation pass, by reviewing your Postviewing Questions, and creating new questions. That's the stimulus that turns on your inner mind to intuitively guide you to the answers to those questions during SuperReading & Dipping/ Skittering & Dipping.
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/04/18 02:52 PM

I'm not aware of a "PhotoReading PDF on digital learning."

The only real difference is between either turning printed pages by hand, or clicking through a screenful of text per second or scrolling right down through digital material, while you use the "4-3-2-1" chant in Photofocus.

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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
04/01/18 09:43 PM

thanks Wendy. I will keep using Creativity Supercharger.

Kind regards,

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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
04/01/18 09:41 PM
Hi, okay

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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
03/30/18 10:50 PM
Hi JoRinz, thank you once again for such a comprehensive reply. You explain things so well and you’ve given me lots and lots to think about....

And what an insightful and powerful life-changing question you leave us with at the end...

I will have to read your answer a few times and mull over all you’ve shared! I understand and agree with it all, you’ve given me so much to consider .....

Thank you.....❤️
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Spring Forest Qigong
03/29/18 08:15 PM
Hi Novaberry,

That must be frustrating.

Everyone is different. My wife actually had her migraines and Fibromyalgia healed from doing SFQ. That was after weekly, massage, network chiro (it would be gone for a day and return), etc., and one day she went to see an acupuncturist and when he got done he told her to go see this funny Chinese guy and she wouldn't need to come back to him. She went and took the level one class from Chunyi, and that night sat up at 3am (because she's got this constant migraine) and starts doing the BReathing of the Universe. She laughs about it now, saying she wasn't doing it perfectly or with perfect focus. Her focus was on giving it 5 minutes and watching the old flip digits flip. After 5...nothing. "Okay, that's not a fair try, let me try for 15 total....she thought she may have felt a little something. "Okay, let's try it for 30min total." Again, staring at the clock digits waiting for the time to be done. At the end of the 30 minutes, half the pain was gone. "Oh! Well maybe if I do it for another 30 min all the pain will be gone!" And it did. After that, she went on to take all of his classes, teach and work with Master Lin, and now working with her own clients.

He's an excerpt of a story he's shared about a client who had reoccuring headaches/migrains:
I wondered what happened. when I went to see her in the next healing room. I saw she was rolling on the floor, holding her head, pulling her *<., and screaming. I recognized that was her. I did some healing on her and she felt better and was able to stand up. She left and since then I hadn’t seen her. During the next few years I wondered what happened to her, and then of course any time I saw people who had headaches I remembered her. So I went deeper. I wanted to study more and I got better with my skill.

A few years later, close to midnight, I got a call from a lady who said she had been seeing me for a while but nothing worked. She had traveled all around the world trying to nd an answer, but nobody could help her stop the pain for even 10 minutes once the migraine headache started. She called me because I was the only one who was able to help her stop the pain for 20 minutes. She said something was working. She wanted to come back. I got so excited and said, “Please come back.”

So I saw her and the same thing happened. After I worked on her for 20 minutes the pain went away, but within 20 minutes to half an hour after she le , the pain came back. One day I talked to her and said, “Well let’s do a study.” During the conversation she told me the migraine headaches started about 4 days before her period came. So I said, “Well, so then 4 days before your period comes, please come to see me for 10 days in a row. I’d like to do a study. I’ll do this free for you, but you need to give me the time, okay?” She agreed.
Four days before her period came she started feeling the migraine headache coming, so she came to see me. In this session I did the energy reading and found there was a huge blockage right in the pancreas area, the stomach. I was very excited. So I cleared that blockage, and then she never had a migraine for the rest of the month. Once that blockage started from the pancreas and it moved up to the head, the pancreas channel opened and there was no energy blockage in the pancreas, but it moved up to the head. It got stuck in the head for a long time, seven days to two weeks. I cleared that within just four sessions, and she was so happy.

When I shared with her what I had discovered she said, “Oh yes, I remember, 15 years ago my divorce was just so terrible. at was the time I started having migraine headaches, and actually that feeling really started from my pancreas.” I learned so much from my lady friend. I discovered headaches could come from so many different sources, but the main source is from the emotion— the anxiety, stress, depression, and anger.

You can work on yourself or another with the level two healing process and a few massage points.

As a healer, you work on this person’s pancreas, the spine, the liver, base of the head, top of the head, then the forehead, and the temple area. These energy points are very good points, and Bladder 2 at the beginning of the eyebrow. You can send energy to these points. Using your sword fingers, break up the energy blockages, then clear the blockage from these areas. You can use Qi~ssage to do so too. That is very helpful for migraine headaches.

Then you can do the cupping of the base of the head. That is very helpful. Then use your middle Finger to massage the forehead, the point just a little bit above the eye between the eyebrows. These are the energy points in the head you can use to help to release migraine headaches. Then you can use the techniques in the Qi~ssage course and open up the small heaven and then the big heaven. The technique is in the Qi~ssage course, so you can look at that. It will be very, very helpful.

Help to control your emotion. As a healer, you help people with their emotion. The first part is the top of the heart; clear the energy blockages. Why the top of the heart? Because the top of the heart is very important. First of all, the yang spirit of the body stays in the heart. When people have emotions, especially anxiety, depression, these kinds of things, eventually you will find there is a heavy sensation at the top of the chest. So after you clear the blockage from this area, the spirit can flow, can travel easily in and out of the body doing its thing. In other words, you help to free your spirit. That’s why you clear that part first, then you go to the liver, then go to the pancreas to open up those channels. This can help this person to balance his emotion. Of course you can do the same for yourself too by using the techniques in Level Two.

LogicPrevails, I can totally appreciate where you are at with SFQ. There was a lot going on to assist Chunyi's wife. After she passed Chunyi talked about it with that year's 6-day Healing Retreat participants. He was sad about the whole thing as any husband would, and at the same time, he did a nice job bringing it back to the basics and philosophy of Spring Forest Qigong found in the Level One course. Every individual has their own work to do. Their own resentments, guilt, upsets, experiences to let go of and release the blockages of. You and I, we don't heal someone else. That is why you don't need permission to work on someone, you send then the energy, clear the blockages, etc. and at some level they allow those channels to stay open or not. He had many talks with his wife about forgiving past incidents, traumas and people, and she still hung on. Interesting thing is, I think it was a Mayo doctor specialist they were meeting with, that was actually a student of his, brought up about past issues and said "You need to let go of those things. Just like he has been telling you!"

There is a point to which this body is at the point where its all about smooothing the transition into the next circle. I got a sad feeling when I first started to realize what it was when working on some people that were really in tough shape. After a while, I change the sadness to joy at being able to give them energy and help clear things to move on and get a better start in the next circle. I dont work with that situation much. My wife would talk about it being a tough thing at the center: There will be those that will improve for a while. there will be those that will completely shift. There will be those that pass. You are sad about missing the person, but happy their spirit gets to move on.

Much Love,

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Spring Forest Qigong
03/29/18 06:03 PM
Members of the Forum do a group healing every Saturday at noon, Central Time. You are welcome to join the group.

Join Us However You Can
Group healing transcends any distance, space, or time restraints. If the time designated doesn't work for you, do the meditation or just send energy at any time with the intention of it joining the rest of the group at 12:00 on Saturday.

To compare your time to Minnesota's Central Standard Time, go to: World Time Server

Select Minnesota USA from the left. Once you have the current time you can click on the link underneath to "calculate future event time in Minnesota, United States"
Set the time for 12 pm and the Saturday date, submit and then select your country/location from the list on the left and the time is worked out for you.

Special Considerations List
The group will have a thread each week where you can submit a person for special consideration/focus in that week's healing meditation.

When submitting a person for the week's group healing, list the following information:

First Name
City, State, Country
Blockage (please keep this very brief and simple)

There are a lot of people on this Forum, so please just submit a name or two when there is someone of priority to work with. You can always add additional people privately, including yourself, during the meditation.

I will delete the last week's healing meditation list after it has happened and the new one has been started.

On the rare occasion I don't start a new Group Healing thread, it can be started by anyone after the current week's healing meditation is complete. If you are beginning the thread, name it:

DD/MM/YY Healing Meditation

DD/MM/YY is the Day/Month/Year of the next healing meditation. Please Copy/Paste this entire message to the beginning of the new post, so those new to the Forum can participate.

Group Healing Meditation

The following Spring Forest Qigong group healing meditation can be adapted to our needs. Join the group in doing it, or just send energy to the people listed in the weekly meditation.

Find a comfortable seat wherever you are.
Take three slow breathes.
Say the password in your mind.
Call upon your master's energy to assist in this healing.

Bring in People
Visualize the Forum participants joining you in a circle.

Visualize a chair in the middle of circle.

Invite each person from this week's list to sit in the chair. You do not need to know their names.

Invite any others you wish, including yourself into the chair.

Connect to Internal Energy
Visualize a bright energy ball in everyone's lower dantian.

Visualize the energy ball slowly moving up the body to the forehead.

Bring in the Sun
Look to the end of the universe, and see the new morning sun rising.

With great respect invite the sun to please help us with our group healing.

See the sun getting bigger as it comes from across the universe and stops above the entire group.

Combine Our Energy with the Sun's
Visualize the energy ball from everyone's forehead rising up through the crown of the head and joining the sun -regenerating and renewing itself.

Sun's Energy Penetrates the Physical Bodies
See the sun's energy shining on everyone, penetrating each person's body as it clears, heals, and energizes every cell. Everyone glows bright and feels wonderfully renewed with smiles on their faces.

(Enjoy this space for the next 15+ minutes - similar to the Self Concentration meditation)

Bring Energy Back to Bodies and Thank the Sun
Now see everyone's renewed energy ball coming from the sun, through their crown, and into the forehead position.

Thank the sun for helping us in this group healing and ask it to please come next time it is asked.

See the sun go back to the end of the universe.

Everyone brings the energy ball slowly down to their lower dantian.

See the energy ball spinning faster and faster, getting smaller and smaller, until it's the size of a pill. See it go deep behind the navel.

Thank those who we've invited into the chair for coming and see them and those in the circle going back to where they belong with smiles on their faces.

Take three slow breaths.
Rub your face.
Comb your scalp with your finger.
Cup your head with your palms.
Massage your ears.
Enjoy your day.
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Spring Forest Qigong
03/29/18 06:01 PM
Hello oldbob,

Chunyi has worked on and talked a lot about MS over the years. Here is a quote from our Deep Healing Course with him on the topic:

Commonalities Among Diseases
We put these three conditions together today, MS, Parkinson’s, and torticollis, because these three conditions share pretty much the same kind of energy and healing process. Scientists still don’t know the cause of these diseases in people’s bodies, but they mainly know there are some blockages in the brain and in the spine. The difference between MS and Parkinson’s is that with MS the electricity going through the spine, from the spine connecting to the brain and among the cells, goes on and on, on and on. That’s why sometimes the MS people feel better one day and then the next day feel worse. Then a few days later they feel a little bit better.
With Parkinson’s, the cells in the spine and in the brain gradually die, and they don’t have that kind of back and forth of feeling better and feeling worse and feeling better and feeling worse. So that’s one of the signifcant differences between these two. Then torticollis is a little bit different. When we talk about the healing, we’ll touch on that a little bit more.

Most of these people had trauma in their life that wasn't cleared. You'll find blockages in the brain, neck/spine, and heart area of the chest. The other thing that could cause energy blockages for them is emotions.

Spending 30 seconds massaging the base of the spine and temples can help.

Finding some time for them to verbaly chant the 6-word chant can be helpful as well.

The Small Universe is always important, the Moving of Yin and Yang and the Connecting to Your Heart exercise from the Five Elements exercise Master Lin has published: In that one you put the tips of your ngers together like you are making a prayer in front of you, and stand or sit. As you inhale, you slightly bend your body over; as you exhale, slowly straighten up your body. Say thank you and give your gratitude with each movement to anything you can think of at that moment, thanking your shoes, giving gratitude to the sun, to the moon, to your food, to the water, to your cell phone, to your watch, to your hands, to your fingernails—whatever you want to thank. Activate the gratitude energy, because gratitude energy is the vitality energy. It has the intelligence to help you to heal. Do this exercise for 15 minutes to half an hour, and it will be very helpful.

If you are working on your friend, work on the first three areas I mentioned and any that show up during your detection.

Much Love,

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Spring Forest Qigong
03/29/18 03:49 PM
Hello Delta,

The 5-elements exercises are a different set of exercises for healing that Chunyi has been doing in classes and retreats for a number of years. They are for self-healing and can be intermixed with the classic Level One active exercises -well, the ones that aren't the same that is. smile There are some little tweaks like bending your knees on the inhale during the breathing of the Universe and focusing on joy while doing so, rather than replacements for all the classic exercises. Chunyi added the emotions to the classics before later adding different exercises.

We'll rotate through them all in our daily office practice. I find the Connection with Heaven and Earth exercise to be a bit much for those that are a little frail, old, or have some structural challenges, but the rest are simple and straight forward. There will be times when you are lead to do them rather than the classics, and the other way around. A group of us just finished an overnight mini-qigong retreat at Pete's place last weekend, and the 5-element exercises were done a little less than the classics, but had their place in rounding out the practice.
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Paraliminals, Paraliminal Resets, Paraliminal Walkabouts, Natural Brilliance, Sonic Access
03/28/18 10:12 PM
Hi Jo!

Natural Brilliance is a personal learning course, which is significantly different than a paraliminal. If you log onto and look under "All Products" you will find a listing for Natural Brilliance. It will give you a complete description of the course and its benefits.

In any case, you might try working with the Belief paraliminal, which will help you to offset early inaccurate programming and Personal Genius, which will remind you of how capable you truly are. You might also visit the New History Generator, which will help you offset the contracted messages you were sent and replace them with something more constructive.

All the best!
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Pure Energy
03/28/18 09:29 PM
HI Annabelle!

Sorry for the tardy response. I didn't get a notification that you'd posted!

I prefer to put people in front of me when I am doing distance healing or sending energetic frequencies. I also always add "for the highest good of all," because I don't want to interfere with any potential growth that is coming from the perceived challenge that I am trying to assist with.

I generally work on one person at a time, but will sometimes work with an entire group when I have a lot of people involved. Again, I set as part of my intention that each person will get the specific assistance they need and that it will be for the highest good of each and all of them.

I can't really give you a specific answer as to how long it takes before the states you experience in meditation become more regularly apparent in regular life. I will go through phases where i feel really connected and centered, and will then have period where I feel as if I've lost that connection (although we both know that's not really possible). I guess it's part of being an energetic being in a physical body. The physicality gives us so many opportunities to flex and strengthen our spiritual muscles.

I'm not sure about the blue/purple light in the center of the brain, but I know it is incredibly powerful and feels very cathartic and cleansing. I use the purple flame a lot to clear my own field, as well as that of people or places where the energy feels contracted or dense.

Lots of love to you,
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