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Re: Using Activator Paraliminal Drew 09/25/20 09:00 PM

I don’t think it matters because you should listen to it daily for the first week of Photoreading. Then weekly for 3 months.

Listen to it when you can relax.
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Digital learning with AI kmanzoor 09/22/20 10:12 AM
The classical define is that it is the field of algorithms that infer the functions they compute from example Data . An examples of this is the " Analysis of the Learning " papers which is presumably the seminal model learning document . In this meaning it is said to be machine science ' s answers to induction.

This It is likely too narrow today , as the idea of inferencing a functional from models making the most sense with class or regression questions and making less work with group or other problem .

Historically , computer learning was something of a trend within artificial mind researcher . AI ran heavy on reasoning instead than calculus or measures , and tended he {} and learning to formal algorithms . It was thus a pretty open source study area in which it is rather harder to judge Progress . The dislike of computer learning in a university was maybe due to the loss of failure and growing s {} {} everyone had of AI research in the early 80s . Machine learning is , in fact , an exceptionally well documented area focused on concrete algorithm {} and mathematical challenges . Focus focusing on better defining questions with concrete measurements of success maybe helped Researchers insulate themselves from the discouragement with AI broadly ( and variety of budget ) .
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Re: Newbi Numerolgy MarcusDominus 09/17/20 07:37 PM
The is so much more to numerology with the plethora of meanings with Angel numbers the Triple Digit Angel Numbers Meanings have the most interest amongst readers surprisingly 444 meaning is the most search term with a staggering 300k searches per month, then 333 meaning with 268k searches per month, then 222 meaning with 264k searches per month, and 555 meaning with 215k searches per month, and these number are going up according to a month on month graph. So for you guys studing this there is alot of interest in this.
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Re: Blip page Patrick O'Neil 09/17/20 02:19 PM
Yes. You are "seeing" the pages correctly. I see exactly the same thing when PhotoReading.


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Re: question about pranic healing thetriangles 09/09/20 05:49 AM
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Re: Feeling frustrated: Over the Wall Wendy_Greer 08/31/20 09:53 PM
Hi Raj!

Any time you don't understand something, ask for clarification. The other than conscious mind communicates via symbolism that the conscious mind may not clearly comprehend at first. The next time you do the exercise build into your intention a request that any symbolism be clarified and distilled so you know what it represents and what to do with it.

It's amazing what wisdom lies within us once we request additional clarification.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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