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Diamond Feng Shui
04/19/19 10:31 PM
I chatted with Wendy Greer here, and she said (after looking at her notes from one of Marie’s events), that with regard to the Three Killings, Marie says it’s not a big concern with sleeping with your head toward the Grand Duke, but if you have to sleep in that area of your home.

She didn't remember her saying anything about concerns around the Three Killings when you’re in bed. The vulnerable time is when your back is to him, which she assumed means when you’re vertical.

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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/18/19 10:18 PM
Memory Hackers | NOVA | PBS

By studying a range of individuals ranging—from an 11-year-old whiz-kid who remembers every detail of his life to a woman who had memories implanted—scientists have uncovered a provocative idea. For much of human history, memory has been seen as a tape recorder that faithfully registers information and replays intact.
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NOVA: Memory Hackers | Netflix

NOVA: Memory Hackers. Neuroscientists study the mechanisms of memory to explore a challenging idea: that memory is malleable and can be shaped by not only ourselve
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Abundance for Life, Effortless Success
04/13/19 07:43 AM
Thank you for your response

Much love,
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
04/09/19 04:44 PM

My goal is to learn on how the brain thinks

I'm reading a book teaching for the two sided mine it's a guide to right brain and left brain education by Linda Williams This book That I am reading Is teaching aboutHow to teach teachers to teach children to useThe left side of the brain as well as the right side of the brain. It is teaching Different techniques to use.So thatThe childrenCan useBoth side of their brain in LearningDifferent subjects. I'm doing to five day test I'm doing each Layer So I can understand the material much better. I am also reading accelerated Learning techniques for students.
I have also been reviewingYouTube videos of People demonstrating the photo reading And getting a better understandingOn The process Of the photo reading. I'll send you more results as I go through the book
Please keep in touch thank you.
Christopher Cortise
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Diamond Feng Shui
04/08/19 07:51 AM
Hi 4space,

Thank you for claryfing the term "divination". I returned the level 4 manual and divination has a different meaning in other Chinese metaphysics - and it's so much easier to communicate when you have the same definition for the terms.

I think it's very interesting that you did a course with the daughter of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai - I am a student of his youngest son and lineage holder of his Feng Shui heritage, Master Yap Boh Chu. From my experience, I can tell that the described effects of the Flying Stars or the four good and bad directions basically hold a certain potential that can be triggered by man (and their human luck). If you are aware of the potential then you can still use it and counter it with your human luck. If contest against authority is a problem for you then you can calm it down by curing the combination (using earth or still water plus wood) or simply by working on your mindset. (The activation cards of level 1 are a very good example. I think it should be possible to use them to mentally counter the negative effects of the stars)

I remember the story about the candle. The element itself, such as fire, is always stronger than a colour. If you cannot use the element, such as fire, then the colour red is better than risking a fire hazard.

When I look at my property, then I can tell that I am safe to use a candle in the North due to the flying stars and other things. Would I place a candle in the North of the North room - it depends! If the dominant Flying star is conflict star in the North, I would use the color red (maybe a red cushion) to counter the effects of the 3.

Would I burn a blue candle if I need fire as a remedy. Yes, because the element is stonger than the colour. Would I burn a blue candle in the North with the intention to activate the North facet - which requires blue or water - definitely not - because of my intention to activate the North facet which is countered by the flame. Intention plays an important role in feng shui.

I have relaxed a lot regarding the stars and I have the feeling that they have relaxed about me, too. smile

I must say that I absolutely love our discussions. Your view opens up another perspective and I would like to say thank you!
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Aura Seeing
04/03/19 05:26 PM
Hi Rivinmoore!

I never did hear back from Brian on the specific question you asked, but realized as I was going through a transcript from another event we did with him, that he had tangentially answered your question about the alchemy experiment he does with his students.

Apparently it involves making a solution with a recipe that can be replicated. The ingredients are put together using the same ingredients in the same quantities and order so there is a consistent result each time.

He then has students meditate for a week or two with the Sun and Moon Meditation. Following this period of meditation, he has them do the experiment again, just as they did it before. The outcome produced is quite different and he says it is a wonderful way to give them feedback that “clarifies that the difference between chemistry and alchemy is a spiritual link. They quickly make the connection that the more work they do on themselves, the greater effect it has on what they do, no matter what that may be.”

He goes on to say “I don’t believe there’s a better meditation than this one for clearing away mental debris and stress. It has powerful cleansing capabilities. When you release the stagnant energy from your system, when you are not holding on to anything, more will flow to you.”

I hope this helps clarify what you were wondering about!

Wendy Greer
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PhotoReading, Memory Optimizer
03/31/19 08:06 PM
I think it's fair to assume judging from the lack of any response and lack of any review on the book since it's not sold on amazon for some reason that it doesn't work. Otherwise it would have been incorporated in the PhotoReading system
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