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Paraliminal reset: Focus or Adventurous? ennebe 01/16/22 12:23 PM
I see that Paraliminals Resets are quite underrepresented in this forum, so I'm going to open a thread, or more, about this interesting tool.
I'd like some advice about which paraliminal reset would be more suited for tasks that one is avoiding, not because of laziness or lack of interest, but because they generate some anxiety - e.g. you feel unsure whether you will be doing it well or not, you don't know if you'll be up to the task, and so on. Not a crippling anxiety, but one that makes you procrastinate a bit (or a lot).
So, as for the resets:
I tried Calm, but it feels forced - like telling yourself to stay calm, when you really can't do it... it generates MORE anxiety (at least in my case).
So I was wondering... would Adventurous be advisable? Like, having the courage to address a "fearsome" task
Or maybe Focus would be a better choice? As in: becoming so focused that you do not have "headspace" left for anxiety to grow and block you out of your tasks.
Thanks for you contributions!

PD I have tried Anxiety Free, which works, but I am really trying to give some use to the Resets, since they are a quick listen and maybe, a bit more direct and "to the point" as for generating behavioural changes.
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Re: Lower back pain after Active Exercises SimplyK 01/13/22 05:26 PM
Hi, slowcrawl! Letting your Dr know what you're doing can be a good thing...the Dr can let you know what modifications you may need (especially in the beginning)...

I had similar low back problem while doing a different exercise program a few years ago. It also required bending the knees and tucking the tailbone. I played around a bit & found that if I only bent my knees slightly (like 1/2") it helped. I also realized I was tucking my tailbone WAY too far! Just a slight/tiny tuck was all that was needed. Making those two adjustments eliminated my lower back pain.

Shawn's advice about visualization is a good alternative if you have still works. Or cut back to 1/2 hour active exercise & then do 1/2 hour of Small Universe meditation to help clear blockages.

Just my thoughts...
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Water flushing stars deslee 01/13/22 08:37 AM

I have been practising Diamond FengShui for many years, but am having a bad memory day. I know that I have either read somewhere in the Diamond Fengshui manual, or heard Marie say in one of her many audios over the years, that a bathroom, toilet, laundry or kitchen sink etc, flushes the energy of the stars in that direction. What I can't remember or find, is whether that is just for the 20 year stars for period 8 in our case, or if it applies to the yearly and monthly cycles as well. I understand that this year is considered to be a transitional year between Period 8 and Period 9 so am not sure if that will affect the energy.

For the 20 year stars
1. In the East direction of our home we have a bathroom flushing the conflict star,
2. In the South-East we have a toilet flushing abundance, collaboration and relationships,
3. In the centre of the home we have our kitchen sink and dishwasher flushing the disaster star, and
4. in the West we have a shower.

I have always cured the illness star which is in our North-West and activated the stars in the other directions that are fortunate. I also have two areas empty of stars in the West and the South which I always activate.

For this year's annual flying stars will the directions listed below be flushed by the water that is in each of those areas?
1. in the East (double conflict)
2. Centre (double disaster) and
3. West (misfortune)
I look forward to any guidance that can be provided.
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Curing allergies slowcrawl 01/13/22 12:00 AM
Does anyone here have tips for healing from (mold) allergies/hypersensitivity, with SFQ or by any other means? I guess in this context I'm also interested if any paraliminals or something else could be of help there.
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