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How activation from direct learning works... feefee33 12/02/21 08:03 PM
So I'm direct learning (photoreading multiple books at once) without the intention of looking at any of the text.

My goal is to learn how to sell and develop the instinctual knack for it, without delving into all sorts of writing and theories.

I clearly know what kind of behaviours I want to elicit.

Now my question is this.

Are there any success stories of people engaging in direct learning and then having it activated for them?

In particular, what was the subjective experience for you? How did things unfold sensually and involving all your senses?

It would help me get a grip on what activation is (I understand it might be different from each person, but stories would be great nonetheless!)

Thank you!
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Re: Self Sabatage StevenJordan 11/29/21 05:58 PM
Wow. I am so glad this forum still alive because good supportive forums are pretty much gone. When I first log in I got attracted to this original and follow-up post because I am suffering from strong procrastination. I LOVE what I do for work and I am trying really hard to grow, but I sabotage myself by sleeping late and getting to work at about 11:00 AM (if I did not own my business I would be fired long ago, and if I was not amazing at what I do, I would have lost this current gig). But is hard to grow if I only work 6 hours a day... Why am I self-sabotaging myself? I will repeat what I mentioned to a friend a couple of days ago, I was educated on a very strict Jesuit Catholic School in which I was instructed on the merits of being poor, I also have vivid memories of when I was a child being hungry and afraid of losing our home. A couple of days ago as I was driving, a flash of repressed memory came clear into my mind (I think in response to why I sleep late -no matter at what time I go to bed), when I was in middle school I was kicked out from Catholic school and as punishment, I was sent to military school. So our wake-up time was 5:00 AM every day and had 30 minutes to be perfect information outside by 5:30 AM to start our morning exercises. I have to confess that as I am writing this, I am having a very tight stomach and I am kind of glad that I am typing this and not saying it out loud.

I have huge dreams, and a huge opportunity is just knocking on my door, and that is why I find myself here because I need to change, I need to convince my subconscious that I want to enjoy waking up again at 5:00 AM so I have time to meditate, do my QGong, and still be at work by 9:00 AM. Countless times I convinced myself to try waking up early until morning arrives...

I also have the bad habit of purchasing material that then sits on my shelves, I think I owned all paraliminals, and created a different problem because I have not used any of the material and I do not even know where to start. I am clear on what I want? Most certainly. Do I know how to get there? I have the feeling that stopping at procrastinating and trusting the Universe would be a huge meaning to get me there. There is also a lot of reading to sharing with the tribe, getting a partner to work with, hmmm love the idea, and I guess that is why I am sharing long-forgotten thoughts and emotions. I want to convert my past into my wisdom and be firm in my present ready to embrace my new amazing future.

thank you for reading,

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