Posted By: Juxtaposition Feeling frustrated: Over the Wall - 11/07/09 05:24 AM
Today was my first time with the 'over the wall' exercise and I found it to be frustrating. I felt anxious and felt like I was lost even as my vision carried me. I felt like I was doing it wrong. I was all over the place it seems. I felt anxious and with that anxiety I had a hard time seeing anything and then when I did it felt off and meaningless.

The second leap deeper into the rabbit hole took me to a place of nothingness and a couple random objects. Sometimes I would try to look closer at them but I couldn't because they were constantly changing.
I felt like I was unintentionally searching for epiphany instead of observing.

Am I even doing this right?
I went far away from the wall and went on a mini boring adventure.

Am I supposed to see just what's in front of me or can it run off with my mind?

The image streaming seemed to be a breeze but posing a question and then trying to see a surprise answer proved to be harder than I thought.

Clarity? Help? Tips?
All is appreciated.
Thank you!
Posted By: Juxtaposition Re: Feeling frustrated: Over the Wall - 11/08/09 08:59 PM
today I'm going to imagine someone responding to my question ;\)
Posted By: CPW1 Re: Feeling frustrated: Over the Wall - 11/09/09 05:27 AM
maybe you already have the answer and theres nothing to see over the wall.

For some reason I see fish all the time.
Have you considered your feelings of frustration might possibly be the answer to your question? It's up to you to interpret however I offer the following questions for you to consider. How do you feel about being frustrated? Doing it wrong? Wrong way? Depending on the question you were streaming for the answer might be you need to modify whatever it is you want to do before proceeding.

Keep playing with it. Describe the darkens, the feelings of frustration. Once it's been described it usually changes.

Posted By: sheana Re: Feeling frustrated: Over the Wall - 02/16/10 01:39 PM
Make sure when doing your image streaming that your descriptions remain sensory grounded.....naming or labeling anything will take you out of the image stream. Also, you must let go of the anxiety to get the result. Stop looking for the result. That will choke your image stream. Concentrate only on the sensory descriptions, and your images will increase in frequency and intensity...the results will take care of themselves.
I find it useful to say "it look's Like a toaster' if it looks like a toaster. I then look at the word I used. In this expression I'm telling myself the thing I'm looking for an answer for may be going to toast. I look at the rest of the stream to confirm naturally.

Describe how you would describe what you are seeing/ sensing/ imagining when you image stream. Do keep talking, Don't ask am I doing it right while Image Streaming.

Posted By: Optimus Re: Feeling frustrated: Over the Wall - 09/01/10 07:53 PM
I have one idea if you do not see, do what I tell you now:
Take a newspaper with color photographs, preferably in playboy or something
Put it on the table. Now close your eyes, bend over the newspaper and try to take a picture, blinking a few times very quickly. with closed eyes start to describe out loud what was in the picture, after a few times the effect is amazing
Posted By: Raj79 Re: Feeling frustrated: Over the Wall - 08/27/20 05:57 PM
I also finished my first session and could see only dark on the other side of the wall with drawing board and some colored utensils. 2nd room was white, bright and near the beach. Not sure what to make out of it. I asked how do I raise my daughter ? And I asked 2 more questions related to my procrastination habit and how to build consistency and perseverance. I could not understand what to make of it.
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Feeling frustrated: Over the Wall - 08/31/20 09:53 PM
Hi Raj!

Any time you don't understand something, ask for clarification. The other than conscious mind communicates via symbolism that the conscious mind may not clearly comprehend at first. The next time you do the exercise build into your intention a request that any symbolism be clarified and distilled so you know what it represents and what to do with it.

It's amazing what wisdom lies within us once we request additional clarification.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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