Posted By: sheana Using Image Streaming to learn to draw. - 02/16/10 01:29 PM
I attended a seminar with Learning Strategies more than 10 years ago, and I vaguely remember Paul Scheele relating that his wife used image streaming to learn to draw very rapidly in just a few months. Does anyone remember this story? If so, please share.

I thought I'd relate an interesting result from image streaming, which I used to practice the recommended 20 minutes every day at one time, and am now just getting back to. I was looking to buy a new car, and after knocking myself out looking around, I decided to image stream which car I would get. I ended up describing a Grecian style pedestal atop which rested a large uncut ruby into which was carved the letter "M". I ended up a few weeks later with a Maxima, the color of which was "ruby pearl".

Thanks in advance
Paul's wife used PhotoReading.

Posted By: arturius Re: Using Image Streaming to learn to draw. - 03/05/12 07:18 PM
The only mention of this that I could find was in the Genius Code on disc 4. There was also a paragraph in the manual. Not much to go on. As I am on a similar path, you might want to try the borrowed genius technique and activate using rapid gesture drawing. After of course, photoreading as many quality instruction books as you can find. Finding good books on the subject is not easy.
Posted By: sheana Re: Using Image Streaming to learn to draw. - 03/07/12 08:18 PM
Hi Arturius,

Sorry, but can you tell me what "rapid gesture drawing" is? Thanks in advance.
Posted By: arturius Re: Using Image Streaming to learn to draw. - 03/10/12 11:20 PM
Gesture drawing is the most basic technique used by all professionals for assigning proportion, composition, depth perception, and the other qualities that you want to convey in your artwork. It is how you start your picture, and one of the most fun parts. Rather than go into detail, I would suggest you research it as it is a vital skill you will need. I can recommend starting with the book "The natural way to draw" by Kimon Nicolaides. It is the artistic equivalent of freenoting and is a very loose and pressure free way to draw.
I hope this helps.
Paul Scheele's wife used Direct Learning (a PhotoReading technique) that is taught in the Genius Code Course course. If you want to learn to draw direct learning is a good kick start.

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