Posted By: Petrus Genius code or Photo reading? - 11/11/19 12:15 AM
Hello a Friend of mine said he had 6 weeks holiday before school and that he just bought genius code and photoreading home study courses
which should he start before school resumes !!!

Posted By: Delta7210 Re: Genius code or Photo reading? - 11/13/19 05:01 PM
I'd say let him follow his intuition. Also it also depends on the subjects he/she/they is learning. If it's a subject that requires problem solving and creativity I'd go with Genius Code(Borrowed Genius, Image Streaming), if it's a subject that requires reading a lot of material like law I'd go with Photoreading. Both are amazing and they snafu# each other very well(e.g Direct Learning) so you can't go wrong whichever one you choose
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