Posted By: Michael S Einstein Factor - 10/28/03 02:18 PM

I'm curious about the courses Natural Brilliance and Genius Code. I have bought the book The Einstein Factor and Natural Brilliance. I just wonder if all the materials in the course are covered in the books.

Also, I would like to know if there are any paraliminal tape included in the courses.

Posted By: AlexK Re: Einstein Factor - 10/28/03 03:16 PM
Natural Brillance course is take you to 'doing' the natural billiance steps and consists of 6 paralminals unique to the natural billance course.

The Genius Code course is again puting into practice the course material and has guided relaxation and coaching from Win Wenger and Paul Scheele. Uses fast speech for 'reviewing' the programs. Includes side B of the dreamplay Paraliminal and Has a Paraliminal unique to the course.


Posted By: Michael S Re: Einstein Factor - 10/28/03 05:16 PM
Sorry, I don't get your mean.

For PR, everything is covered in the book so we don't actually have to buy the personal learning course. I just wonder if I still have to buy the personal courses for natural brilliance and genius code if I have got the books already.

Also, you said there were paraliminal tapes unique to the course, do you mean that we can't buy them individually from LSC so we must buy the course if we wanna have those tapes? By the way, wut're the names of these tapes?

Posted By: AlexK Re: Einstein Factor - 10/28/03 05:24 PM
Only the Dream Play paraliminal is available individually the others are part of the course.

You don't *have to* buy the courses. You can get a lot from the books. However the courses are unique in that they are specificly designed for learning and applying the concepts. They do infact make it a whole lot easier and are a case of having a practical way of doing what the books explain in terms of what it is about, you apply it while you are being guided to do it. You don't have to memorise the instructions from the book. You listen with your eyes closed.


Posted By: Michael S Re: Einstein Factor - 10/28/03 05:30 PM
Is direct learning included in the course? and is the tape Personal Genius included in one of the courses?

Posted By: Michael S Re: Einstein Factor - 10/28/03 05:36 PM
Also, Alex, did you practise the stuffs in the book and compared again after purchasing the course? Does it make such a big difference?

Posted By: Sandy Millies Re: Einstein Factor - 10/29/03 06:19 AM
The Einstein Factor describes most of the techniques that are found in the Genius Code self study course. It is more of a how-to book, and this might be all you need. Most people, however, find it difficult to master PhotoReading or Image Streaming from the book alone, even though the book does describe how to do all of the techniques.

The PhotoReading self study course, for instance, includes skill building exercises designed to teach you the steps of PhotoReading and at the same time break you out some of your old habits of regular reading that might be holding you back.

In the same sense, when you listen to the Genius Code self study course, you will do the techniques along with Win Wenger. Your experience will be hands-on. And afterward, you will learn how to interpret your Image Stream, etc.

It all comes down to the type of learner you are, but most people find a more hands on, experiential approach to be more effective.

As Alex said, Direct Learning and Lucid Dreaming are additions to the Genius Code course not found in the book.

Posted By: Michael S Re: Einstein Factor - 10/29/03 06:45 AM
Is Personal Genius tape included in one of these courses?

Posted By: bennypr2002 Re: Einstein Factor - 10/29/03 06:49 AM
Nope, but if you have the Photoreading book, their is a coupon in the back to get the personal genius tape for a pretty cheap.


Posted By: AlexK Re: Einstein Factor - 10/29/03 12:18 AM
The Personal Genius tape is a paraliminal aimed at helping you enter the flow state.

Have I read the Enstein Factor book. No Book sellers here were charging $80 for the book (in fact many books have become overpriced) I was going to support extortion. It's now down to $40 but seeing I've done the Genius Code course. I have no intention of buying it now.

I feel that I've gotten more from the course than any book. If it's just one idea I'm all for book learning however Win Wenger presented a number of ideas and deciding what to try a couple of times. Memorising the steps etc it becomes one of those things I tend to put off till later. With the home study course I just needed to set aside about 30 minutes for one tape and I knew I would have something to think about when I was done.


Posted By: mgrego2 Re: Einstein Factor - 10/29/03 03:49 AM
As pathetic as it may sound, I have all three variations: The Einstein Factor book, The Einstein Factor tape set, and The Genius Code.

The Genius Code provides more value than the others. The Einstein Factor products are interesting, but less practical than The Genius Code. They provide techniques, but aren't as strong in the realm of application. If you want real value out of the techniques, the decoding aspects of The Genius Code go far beyond anything found in the other two products.

In addition, with The Genius Code you get the fast finish sessions, lucid dreaming, direct learning. (Technically, you get enough of Photoreading that you could apply it if you worked at it), and the paraliminal session.

In my opinion, as far as Learning Strategies products go, The Genius Code has earned its place in the triumvirate, along with PRWMS and Natural Brilliance.

Good luck in your quest.

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