I saw a program very similar to the Genius Code program at www.nightingaleconant.com, advertised for only $89 dollars! The program is called the Einstein Factor which explains the same theory of ImageStreaming and is by Dr. Wegner, the person who originally discovered the theory of ImageStreaming. Is the Genius Code simply an overpriced version and copy of the Einstein factor by Dr. Wegner? I'm not putting down the learning strategies company. It has great products but are they over priced and copied from other people? also the paraliminal tapes seem to be a copy of HPP which is Hypno-Peripheral processing which you can find out at the same above website. Check it out and let me know what you think? Thanks.

Dr Wenger aided in the development of the Genius Code program

Thank you for your response.

Paul Scheele collaborated with Win Wenger to create the Genius Code Personal Learning Course. The Genius Code is essentially a marriage between Win Wenger's techniques and Paul Scheel's research and developments. In fact you will listen to Win Wenger on some of the audio portions of the Genius Code.

There are several ideas from Win Wenger's Einstein Factor book that are included in the course. ImageStreaming, for example, is Win Wenger's creation and is described in the book. In addition, the Genius Code includes Direct Learning, PhotoReading, and Lucid Dreaming, not found on the Einstein Factor tapes set or book.

The Genius Code takes you through the different experiential processes in contrast to only reading about how to go through the experience, which for some people may be enough. The Genius Code not only gives you the experience, but teaches you how to interpret the images and your experience, so that you can effectively receive and reflect on the experience.

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Here was a brief comparison:

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