Posted By: Eddy Office Desk Direction Facing the wrong way - 01/20/08 10:45 PM
Hi, Just got the Diamond Fengshui package... I am noticing immediate results by changing my bed position. Now I'm in my office and realise that my desk position is facing the LOSS/THEFT direction. I cannot shift my desk position, it is fixed. And I cannot relocate to a new desk... I'm stuck with this one. What can I do to change this??
Aloha Eddy,

Start by doing the activation cards for your work.

Much Love, Shawn
There are various desks that you can use in your office so that you get the most comfort while doing your work. The wide variety of black desks. A black writing desk can do wonders for your writing or doing your job. The black corner desk is designed to give your room that elusive touch of elegance. Its superb craftsmanship gives you a computer desk that has a very nice black finish and the price is almost always good. A corner desk uses very little space and the generous bottom shelf that comes with it, provides you with a larger storage capability. More information about black desk tips and guide you can look at the black desk
as shawn said, do your activation card. The Universe will probably move you to another room or workplace. hehehe...

For meantime, what's on your desk? in orderly manner? have you check your dragon and tiger to empower your own desk? How about putting some nice thing on your best direction in the office, not really cure but to connect with the flow of Qi and to activate your personal success in office.
White desks may have become popular because of the artistic look they create in every room, but we must not forget their true purpose, and how they help every individual, who uses them, to achieve better performance in every way. They are usually used as desks for office use, student desks and for computers as well. They contribute to success in day-to-day activities plus they create an artistic look in every home.

As a perfect desk for office workers, it needs to have spaces to organize papers. You don't want a messy table with files placed everywhere, do you? You want it to be as organized as possible so as to ease your work load. It should have enough dividers for your essential working materials and a spacious surface where you can comfortably work. Moreover, it is advantageous to have a clean color like white that allows an individual to focus and increase their work performance. This is because white creates a feeling of calmness and goodness, which helps you to think clearly. Visit this site for more white desk information
Any room will look good with white furniture. White matches any decorations and will not clash with any colors. Getting a white desk for an office is a great way to bring in a solid piece that can be very versatile

A white desk can help you be more prolific provided it meets Your best option is to go for corner desks or those designed for use.

To get more info on White Desk visit white corner desk
Hi there

I am new to the forum and have just started with the Diamond Feng Shui package.

We are moving into a new house and my husband's desk faces one of his good directions - north, but the side of his body is to the incoming flow. We cannot move his desk as it is fixed to the wall(built in).(his number is 9)

My question is: if I put a mirror on the east( his success area) so that he can see the door, will this be alright as he will still have to move his head to the right a bit to see. The other thing that worries me is, should I put a medium sized mirror on his success wall or does that reflect his success away from him?

Thank you
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