Posted By: Eva4 Protect bed from flow of qi from door - 06/25/19 04:25 PM
Hi everyone, just started the course, so my questions will be beginner level smile. I've started with the basics, positioning our beds/office/couch in one of our best directions...Don't know how often this happens but we are 4 (with 2 little ones different ages) and we are all number 4! I thought that this had to be more than just a coincidence! Pretty awesome!

In one bedroom we are unable to get the bed facing a good direction without half of it being in the flow from the door. I searched the forum and found a reply from Shawn suggesting to slow down the flow of qi with a curtain between the bed and door. Wondering if it is possible to put some piece of furniture for that purpose or it has to be something from ceiling to floor to slow/block the qi? thank you!
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Protect bed from flow of qi from door - 06/25/19 07:22 PM
Hi Eva,

I bounced this one off one of our Diamond Feng Shui coaches, Wendy Greer, and she thought

"I would think that as long as the energy coming in the door is diverted up to slightly above the plane they are lying on that would be sufficient. I suggest she muscle test to see what would be most effective."


Posted By: Eva4 Re: Protect bed from flow of qi from door - 07/01/19 01:03 PM
Hi Shawn,

Thank you for the super quick reply! I completely missed it thinking I would get notified by mail, sorry about that!

Great advice from Wendy, makes good sense, will try and muscle test to see what works best! Again, thank you & thank Wendy too!

Have a great week!
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