Posted By: ara31 Activating Success Direction - 01/30/20 06:32 AM
Hi, there! I hope everybody is enjoying Feng Shui as much as I am! I have a little question about it. My personal energy number is 3, and I am an earth dragon (1988) and so, South is my success direction, but also this year the 3 Killings are there. My quantum colour is Gold, and to activate my success direction it is recommended to put a golden dragon in the south (below eye level, of course).
In my bedroom I have activated all my four good directions with a vision board on each one. Could I add the golden dragon on the South of my bedroom, or is it not advisable because of the 3 killings this year there?

Thank you so much in advance. I wish you all the health, love, wisdom and success for each and everyone of you reading this post.
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Activating Success Direction - 02/03/20 10:34 PM
Hi ara31,

I bounced this off Wendy, our Feng Shui coach here in the office. Her response was:

I would suggest they muscle test. I’m not sure I would want a dragon in my bedroom anyway!

Also, if they’ve done their vision board for success in the bedroom, have they also done it in their workspace? Most people tend to do activations for romantic relationships and health in the bedroom and do activations for other areas of their life in the space that is most pertinent (i.e. success in their office, spiritual growth in their meditation/contemplative area, family relationships in the living room, etc.).
Posted By: ara31 Re: Activating Success Direction - 02/07/20 07:46 AM
Thank you so much, Shawn_Grim and Wendy for the answer. I currently work as a flight attendant, and I do not have any office space to activate my success area, so that's why I activated it in my bedroom. My work space is the airplanes laugh

Feeling grateful and honored for being part of this forum and for your help.

Many blessings coming your way,

Ara smile
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