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Hi, I am new and just getting started. I am in the process of moving my bedroom/office around to fit my best directions, but in doing so, my boyfriend feels a little out of sorts and has asked to make the SW bedroom his man cave before I do anything further. It appears he will have a tv and computer in this room so it will be a main room for him. He is a 7. I am an 8.

In trying to decorate the room I am wanting to make it my Success Best direction (for #8) with blue and gold and rose (for relationships), but what would be best for this room?

1) Do I decorate this entire room based on the general space feng shui chart: SW corner, relationship, pairs, earth/fire, and only consider one direction?
2) Do I make this room decorated in all 9 directions, and something representing each direction in each corner? (It will essentially be a small living room but only 10x10)
3) Do I treat it like a best direction (success for 8) or his best direction (health for 7)? or Do I consider the best directions for both? and just make sure all 5 elements are represented?

I am still trying to get my head wrapped around this. I am in the process of activating my best directions in my bedroom/office and putting a cure in the other 4 directions, but I feel like I should be doing this same concept for each room. In the manual it says to only do this for the main areas where you will spend 3 or more hours a day in, like bedroom, office, and living room. And not to do the bathrooms or kitchen. But how do I treat the other rooms that are not used on a daily basis? My south bedroom is 100% painted blue (came this way) and I use it for storage in my business and it is full of empty boxes. Using the same logic above, this room would not be used for best directions, but is it the room representing Fame based on the bagua? or a small bagua with all directions considered? Since it is not a best direction for me or my boyfriend, do I put a cure in this room at all?

Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.

Hi Heather!

You’ve got a lot of questions packed into this posting, so I want to start with a few general guidelines, particularly as it sounds as if you are just beginning to work with feng shui.

Your course is set up sequentially, and it’s a good idea to go through it as it’s presented. I’m a big fan of what I facetiously call “Post-It” feng shui when you are starting up. In each room where you’re going to be spending significant amounts of time, put up a post it in your four good directions (and your boyfriend’s if he is also going to be activating his feng shui). That way each time you walk into the room, you will have a reminder of exactly where your four best directions are and what they represent.

You want to start with your personal energy number activations. These are most specific to you and activating these first will clarify and empower what you are wanting to manifest on a personal level.

After you have done these in those areas where you spend most of your time, you will move on to the general space feng shui that you find summarized on the “Nine Directions Chart.”

While your personal directions pertain specifically to you, the general space feng shui will impact everyone who comes into the home. Most people do the general space feng shui on the home as a whole rather than in the context of a specific area such as the bedroom or the home office.

While you are correct that you could activate for all nine directions in one room (most feng shui activations can be done on a micro or macro level), that tends to feel cluttered and overwhelming. For this reason it’s good to do the general space feng shui, and your time feng shui (which is in Level Three) on the home as a whole.

Before you do any painting, you might want to complete the entire course. Many people like to use the guidelines for the 20 year time cycles in Level 3 for interior design colors, as that is a stable and long term energy. If you don’t want to do that, consider the color recommendations that are connected with the areas on the grid represented on the Nine Directions Chart.

I hope this helps clarify some of the sequencing and prioritizing challenges you are having.

It’s a process, so be patient with yourself and take one step at a time.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Thank you Wendy! All of this starting to come together.
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