Posted By: DMarys Front Porch Feng Shui - 08/14/21 10:12 PM

So my front porch extends 10 feet out to the street, my dining room is behind the left side of the porch and this is in my NE quadrant. My question is, should I also take in the left part of the porch as NE, or does it require its own direction measured from standing in the middle of the porch?

Thank you.
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Front Porch Feng Shui - 08/16/21 05:49 PM
Hi Dmarys,

Check out the section in the manual regarding extensions.

All the best,

Posted By: DMarys Re: Front Porch Feng Shui - 08/16/21 09:47 PM
Thank you!
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