Posted By: DMarys Mirror and flowers - 08/18/21 12:17 PM
Hello, appreciate some feedback on these questions.

When coming into the house, you will see a dining wall, is not directly in front of the entrance door but just to the right of it. i'm wondering about placing a large mirror here. You would see it when you come through the door but again is not directly across from the door. Would that be considered ok to do?

I have two planters on each side of my main door entrance, i have fake plastic/fabric plants in there. Is that ok with Feng Shui? I also make flowers out of paper and have some decorated inside my home, is this considered ok as well?

Thank you
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Mirror and flowers - 08/18/21 05:13 PM
Hi DMarys,

We don't want the mirrors reflecting back at those at the entrance.

Check out the section of the course regarding dragon and tiger engird at the front of the door when looking outside standing in the doorway.

...and you want minimal clutter once you come in the door entrance.

All the best,

Posted By: DMarys Re: Mirror and flowers - 08/19/21 12:50 AM
Thanks Shawn but I don't think I was clear. The mirror is not at the door it would be on a wall that's 10 feet straight down from this door in the foyer and a foot to the right. Once you walk in through the door then you will see the mirror on the wall and may be able to see some part of you but it will be reflecting the dining room since this is what is in front of it. Hope that was more clear. If i could send a picture I would but i don't know how to on here smile

Thanks, I already had taken care of the outside dragon tiger but my question is about the material of the flower decorations since Marie talked about dead plants I wanted to know about plastic/paper. When you say minimal clutter, you are talking about the planters? I remember reading or hearing perhaps that the front door should look pretty and abundant.
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Mirror and flowers - 08/19/21 04:11 PM
paper/plastic should be fine.

The mirror is great to multiply the kitchen table energy. I was just making sure it wasn't reflecting those trying to come in.

The clutter I was talking about was inside the doorway entrance. You can look at it as the mouth/entrance.

Posted By: DMarys Re: Mirror and flowers - 08/20/21 04:45 PM
Thank you
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