Hello... new to DFS and the forum so rather overwhelmed. Perhaps this question has already been asked and answered. My husband and I have the exact opposite Best Directions (I am 3, he is 8), which means that our bed is positioned highly unfavourably for me with our heads NW. Any remedies, cures , advice, suggestions, intel or help is greatly appreciated. Much thanks in advance. Janet
Hi Janet!

Don't despair - my husband and I also have opposite best directions and we had our 46th anniversary last month!

Here are the general guidelines for dealing with this:

The “day qi” comes in the front door, which will be a good direction for one of you. The other person should ideally have the good “night qi” that comes from having the crown of their head pointing in a good direction when they are in bed.

If one of you is not able to get either the good day or night qi, be sure to set really clear and strong intentions for your personal activations in the Success, Health, Relationships and Growth areas. These will maximize the personal energy and help offset the fact that neither the bed nor the front door are in an ideal position for one of you.

Any time there is a challenge when working with feng shui, there is usually a way to work around or compensate for what is going on.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Hi Wendy... Congrats on the longevity of your marriage - it' seems rare these days! A big thank you, that info was very helpful. Our day Qi is in a great direction for me. I Also found something in the DFS manual in the Essentials section that helped (for anyone else reading this) that basically said, as long as the direction is favourable to one spouse it' s fine.
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