Posted By: Michael Saikali Feng Shui and relationships - 03/03/06 03:37 PM
Can anyone comment on Feng Shui in it's relation in helping to improve marital or any sort of relationships?


Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Feng Shui and relationships - 03/04/06 05:02 AM
Aloha Michael,

Thatís a good question. The Diamond Feng Shui Course gives you many ways to make a difference in your life's past, present, and desired relationships.

Have a son wanting more friends in school? A daughter looking for a date? Looking to improve your passion and communication? Would you like to find a business mentor?

Each of the three levels of the Diamond Feng Shui course have their unique techniques to attract relationship "luck" in your life.

The Essentials course shows you how to activate your personal relationship direction, as well as your individual family memberís.

Levels One and Two present "Space" Feng Shui activations for your different relationship needs such as mentors, children, relatives, and romance.

Level Three takes into account "Time" Feng Shui energy to activate special relationship and collaboration opportunities in your house.

Marie also shares stories in the course CDs and DVDs regarding this important area of your life.

Be well,


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