Posted By: 3brian no good bed directions - 03/06/06 07:05 PM
In my house, there are no bedroom walls that allow both a good bed direction and a view of the door. Am I just doomed?


Posted By: Debra Hughes Re: no good bed directions - 03/08/06 09:58 PM
Hi, Brian. Go for the best scenario you can get as your space allows. The most important aspect is for you to sleep towards one of your good directions. Reference page 23 and 24 of the Level One manual for more information.

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Posted By: 3brian Re: no good bed directions - 03/10/06 03:16 PM
Thanks, Debra. I was focused on the CD and overlooked the manual.


Posted By: Michael Saikali Re: no good bed directions - 04/21/06 06:58 PM
The beauty of FS is that there is never doom ... cause FS offers 'cures'.

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