Posted By: mgrego2 Establishing Purpose - 08/30/00 04:28 AM
Any recommendations on how to establish purpose? It would seem that a more specific purpose would return better results, but what if you aren't sure? For instance, if I PhotoRead a book on sales and I'm not a salesperson is it sufficient to say that my purpose is to "develop better sales skills" or do I need to be more specific? Do you start out with a broad purpose if you aren't sure and then narrow the purpose on successive sessions?
Posted By: Skyy Re: Establishing Purpose - 08/30/00 09:22 AM
This is exactly the question I wanted to ask.

Sometimes (most of the time) I just don't know what I don't know, and I find it difficult to set an outcome. I basically pick up the book because the general topic (be it psychology or philosophy or whatever) appeals to me, and I want to get as much information out of the book as possible.

What outcome do I set?

Posted By: Michael Saikali Re: Establishing Purpose - 08/30/00 01:57 PM
Mgrego2 and Skyy,

Did you ever remember reading a book that really captivated you to 'want' to read on? This drive to want to forge ahead was in my opinion the result of some 'purpose' you may have set consciously or unconsciously.

I guess the same can be said when PR, your purpose should really evoke some emotion to want to read. IE ... If you want to increase your vocabulary by PR the dictionary ... then say "My purpose to PR the dictionary is to increase my vocabulary so that I can become a better reader" or something to the liking.

When I state my purpose ... it must contain 'passion' ... a wanting to read the material that evokes an emotional response from within!

This can be hard for some type of material, but if you have the book in your possesion, you must have a 'purpose' for reading it.


Michael Saikali

Posted By: Drew Re: Establishing Purpose - 08/30/00 02:45 PM
To establish my purpose I think of the end result first. Where shall I use the information and why, how, even the date of when I shall be using the information. All in the present tense ie I am..I find this useful because you have to become clear on specifics and details also I have found that by thinking of the end know what that success attracts the success from the PR process...a question of pre-programming for success! Also by clarifying the end result for the process, you can also become aware of where spontaneous activation may occur and how.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Establishing Purpose - 05/19/14 09:38 AM
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