Posted By: skunk About 3-2-1-Relax method - 09/14/00 03:26 AM
Hi Pete, i got a couple of questions for Pete Bissonette.

As u mentioned that PhotoReaders often spend too much time getting into state in other topics somewhere in a forum

If that is the case, why 3-2-1 Relaxation method mentioned in Paul Scheele's book is 10minutes too much time? Or it is simply for Photoreader to apply it when they want to relax better to increase the concentration on maintaining the steady state in photoreading stage and flipping the pages in a flow with chantings? And what else i may not I know of?

Do i have ues 3-2-1 technique before photoflip a book or books all the time? When a PRers to use 3-2-1 approixmately rather that spend to much time.

Also u mention I can just get into Accelerative State in a matter of seconds and tilting my head in correct position without using a 3-2-1 technique?



Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: About 3-2-1-Relax method - 09/15/00 03:51 AM
Learn to get into the state by the 3-2-1 method following Paul's guidelines. Soon you will discover that it takes less time to reach that state of body and mind. Soon you will be able to reach the state by simply saying 3-2-1 about that fast (trigger/response). Soon just thinking about entering the state will get you there.

And, if you are ever not fully there, tilting your head and flipping the pages will do the rest.

Posted By: weight39doug Re: About 3-2-1-Relax method - 09/17/00 02:09 AM
I would like to re-iterate what Pete said. In the beginning I found the long relaxation routine that Paul takes you through to be essential. It really helped me anyways.

But with practice I have found that I don't need to prepare for more then a few seconds to get into state. Over time you get used to what the ideal photoreading state feels like and you can get into it quickly. I crack a book and my eyes want to diverge automatically now.

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: About 3-2-1-Relax method - 05/19/14 09:38 AM
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