Posted By: weight39doug How does the subconcsious know? - 09/25/00 03:07 AM
I have been curious about photoreading misinformation in books. What if an author just doesn't know what he is talking about and prints incorrect facts. Or a book contains half-baked theories or something. Will the subconscious just take all of that to be true or is it able to discern between good information and bad.

Also what if a book has a bunch of negative themes or limited thinking in it could that possibly effect a persons belief structure negatively?

Posted By: mgrego2 Re: How does the subconcsious know? - 09/25/00 03:22 AM
If the mind is unable to differentiate between things that really happened and things that have been visualized, I would think that it doesn't do much in the way of discernment. Don't the critical factors come into play when we use our conscious mind (mine sure seems critical...)?

However, I don't think I'd PhotoRead a bunch of stuff that is either too negative or to which I heavily object. If/when it bubbles up to the conscious, then it has to be dealt with.

Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: How does the subconcsious know? - 09/25/00 12:31 PM
You have the same problem with information that is read regular. How do you know whether it is true, false, or anything in between.

That's one of the reasons for previewing. Look at the copyright date, the publisher, a little bit about the author. You can make decisions early on.

Posted By: Michael Saikali Re: How does the subconcsious know? - 09/25/00 01:11 PM

My understanding is that the sub-con takes everything at face value ... in other word's it believe's everything to be reality. This can probably be backed up with violence on TV and how it affects children, teens and to some degree adults.

I've also heard on some thread's on other DB how the sub-con does not and cannot assimilate negative information. IE - "I can't do it." -- is interpreted to "I do it" I'm far from being a scientist ... just an oberver on the 'quest' to knowledge and enlightment!

Well, back on track ... the PR in my opinion actively involves the mind to participate and give the reader a chance to determine if the materail is 'worth' reading or 'trashing'! Just think of all the time and aggrevation I could have saved in college when it came time to reading!

Keep the questions coming Weight39Doug and others ... that is what learning is all about ...

Remember to observe, question, seek and learn!


Michael Saikali

Posted By: weight39doug Re: How does the subconcsious know? - 09/26/00 05:57 AM
Just wondering because I photoread a lot of fiction novels without having any idea of what I'm am putting into my subconscious mind. I just read them with the direct learning objective to improve my own writing. I stick to the classics mainly. My goal is to become more well read. I guess its just like reading those novels critically.
Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: How does the subconcsious know? - 09/26/00 12:26 PM
We've had several novelists through the years learn PhotoReading. One wrote and said that he would quickly PhotoRead several novels before writing, and he found his creative juices flowed more readily. As a matter of fact, he immediately began submitting the first or second draft of a chapter to his agent instead of his typical fifth or sixth draft.
Posted By: weight39doug Re: How does the subconcsious know? - 09/27/00 06:15 PM
Thanks Pete. Photoreading has worked extremely well with my C++ course in school so far. Everything that is being taught in the lectures just seems intuitive. Its like I am recalling something that I already know.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: How does the subconcsious know? - 05/19/14 09:48 AM
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