Posted By: kender85 Previewing multiple books - 10/14/00 03:45 AM
A few questions for the board. If you are trying to preview multiple books on a subject, how would you go about doing it? Do preview all the books first then photoread them, or do you preview one book then photoread that book, preview the second book and photoread that book until all the books are photoread?
Next question: If you are previewing and photoreading a book a day, when you try activating a book, should it be before you photoread another book, especially if it is before your sleep cycle, or does it not matter when you activate or photoread a book?
Posted By: mgrego2 Re: Previewing multiple books - 10/14/00 04:57 AM
I would do whatever makes the most sense in a given situation. For instance, with my kids jumping around, I find it easier to preview books than to PhotoRead. I would preview/prepare several together. Since I'll be defining the purpose for PhotoReading each book before I start PhotoReading, there shouldn't be any interference or confusion.

As far as the sequence for dealing with separate books, I don't see how it would make a difference. Each book needs its chance to be processed through the inner mind. This should be irrespective of what you're doing with another book. Go with whatever feels right.

Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: Previewing multiple books - 10/14/00 09:31 PM
When I get a new book I typically will PhotoRead it on day one. On day two I will preview it and PhotoRead it again. I'll then start activating it. I seldom spend more than 20-30 minutes activating a book in a sitting.

I've learned that if the book does not gel for me in that first 20-30 minutes, it won't that sitting. I will come back to it the next day for another 20-30 minutes. Again, if it doesn't gel then, I'll wait another day.

I'm finished with most books on day two unless I'm reading for fun.

Posted By: weight39doug Re: Previewing multiple books - 10/15/00 12:51 AM
When I preview a book I usually quickly scan it to make sure that it covers what it is that I want to learn. Once I have a stack of acceptable books I photoread all of them. But any variation on that approach would be perfectly acceptable.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Previewing multiple books - 05/19/14 09:49 AM
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