Posted By: Tim PhotoReading loose notes on paper and more - 06/09/00 06:51 PM
Hi !

I was just wondering if anyone can give
any good practical advice on photoreading
material on loose leaves of paper. What is
the best way of dealing with it ? Hole-punch
it and put it in a file and turn the pages
in the file ? Or just manipulate the stack
of loose sheets by hand when in photofocus ?
Or collect enough of them together on related
subjects and get it bound into something like
a book ?

As quite a number of books are also
a complete pain in the backside, I have also wondered about ditching the physical
manipulation of materials completely by simply scanning (eg) your core database of stuff into a computer and then selecting what you want (or all of it) and photoreading it off the screen, multiple times if desired, at the touch of a button. I don't have the facility to do this at present, but I have had it on my mind for well over a year. When I am in the position to be able to do (I can't afford a computer /scanner in my present situation) I may just resort to it.

But in the meantime, loose sheets and photocopies are a real pain. Anybody have any ideas ?



Loose papers are the bane of many PhotoReaders.

I don't know if any one way works better than another. Play with it and see what works best for you.

When I've punched things for a note book, I find the pages getting caught on the rings when trying to flip the pages.

Oh well.

PhotoReading off a computer is great. I just did a television show where I demonstrated it.

With that said, the time you spend, however, scanning material for the computer is probably better spent doing virtually anything else. Geez, come over and mow my lawn! I'd just PhotoRead it regularly.

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