Posted By: Bob Turning pages during PhotoReading - 08/10/00 09:54 PM
Mechanics of Page turning:
When I am turning pages during photoreading many times the pages stick together ever after properly airing them. I try to not let it bother me and skip a few pages here and there but it still bothers me.
Is there any product in the market which attaches to the index finger and kinda provides more friction for the finger so that the pages can be gripped more easily ? Please provide name of product if any or any suggestions you can think of for easily turning pages.
Many thanks.
There are two items you can get from the office supply store: 1) a rubber finger tip, and 2) something you can rub your fingers against to make them more sticky.

Most people don't like either, and they can become a crutch. "Geez, I can't PhotoRead now because I don't have my rubber finger."

The more you PhotoRead, the better you get with page turning. No matter how good you get, however, you will come across books with paper so thin or slippery or stiff that pages are difficult to turn. I found that last weekend with Morris' book "Dutch."

Posted By: VSS2000 Re: Turning pages during PhotoReading - 08/12/00 11:10 AM
Hi Bob,
I find licking my fingers to be the most practical and least costly method.
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