Posted By: Michael Saikali PhotoFlip? - 08/24/00 03:26 AM
Call me an old timer of PR ... well maybe because I have version 1, I dont know but what is PhotoFlip ... my curiosity is at an all time high!


Michael Saikali

Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/24/00 08:54 PM
We don't teach it in the seminar or the self-study.

Replace the PhotoReading page turning with flipping the book--ie, fanning the pages.

You need complete confidence behind you on this one, because it is a little weird and unbelievable. We almost taped it for the TV show until we realized that it is not mentioned in the self-study.

Posted By: Michael Saikali Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/25/00 03:18 AM

I can actually believe it! I believe there was a study conducted whereby information was flashed before peopel at 40ns or to the liking and they were able to retain.

Once one has attained accelerated state with re-inforced affirmations ... how long should one typically 'flip' so to say?

Is this process documented anywhere as to the exact steps ... this would be "Perfect" to use at book store!!!


Michael Saikali

Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/25/00 03:52 AM
I will flip right away, and I usually go through the book several times, especially if I didn't get a good "run through it."

We don't have anything written down, because it is the same except for the flipping step.

Posted By: manny Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/25/00 04:54 PM
Is there a photoreading tv show? When was Paul Scheele on "CBS Television News or The Learning Channel?"

Also Photoflipping would seem to work in principle, but even on a concsious level you don't get a good view of the printed words when fanning the pages. It just doesn't open wide enough for that, and if it is wide enough, the pages start to bunch up together and close.

Posted By: Hermenw Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/25/00 07:10 PM
If it is not necessary to see the pages, why not just keep the book closed and let the information flow directly in to your brain?

Just a thought...

Posted By: Aizan Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/25/00 08:54 PM
Hey guys,
What's up? Pete, this is really weird, when you guys started to talk about photofliping, I was like what in the world is that. But now that it's a little more elaborated, I can tell you this, it works better for me than photoreading. Actually I use them both. I used to be impatient with photoreading, I mean, at the begginning photoreading ten books a day wasn't a simple task, so I accelerated the photoreading step by just breezing through the book(fanning).(I call myself an irresponsible photoreader for wanting to go even faster) The pages suddenly came to be so clear to me, even at the conscious level. It's amazing, Once I intentionally focused on the my conscious perception while fanning, but I couldn't focus on the words because they were passing by to fast, but I could notice both pages clearly as one big thing. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know my experience on this, I studied for my life insurance license that way. Guess what? I'm licensed.
Sincerely, Aizan
Posted By: manny Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/25/00 09:27 PM
I think that you would have to see the stuff conciously.
Posted By: manny Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/25/00 09:33 PM
Aizan: how do you photoflip? Do you flip the pages one by one? Or in rapid succession, which would take a matter of seconds for a whole book? I have my doubts about this technique, but then again I used to doubt the PR system. Photoreading rules!!!
Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: PhotoFlip? - 08/26/00 04:25 AM
PhotoReading is not about seeing the pages consciously.

When you are in PhotoFocus, the page is a blur. It becomes clear as you master PhotoReading, but clarity is not necessary to take it all in.

As long as your eyes can take in the page, no matter how little time it takes.

The PhotoReading show that is now on is called "American Breakthroughs" and it features me. I demonstrate PhotoReading a book on the internet as it streams in front of my eyes. Plus I do a regular book.

Paul was on CBS a couple of years ago, which was about the time the Learning Channel piece aired.

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: PhotoFlip? - 05/19/14 10:21 AM
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