Posted By: Gren I just cant get it - Help - 05/15/00 12:09 PM
Hi folks,
Ive been trying the photoreading system for a few weeks now and i just cant seem to get it.
Ive no problem seeing the blip page and maintaining state (i think) but im really confused about the activation/mind mapping side of confused between super reading/dipping, rapid all seems the same...can anyone help ?

I really want to give this a go as i had a very strange experience after photoreading a book which makes me want to carry on...


Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: I just cant get it - Help - 05/16/00 11:56 AM
Sure. Ask specific questions, and let's go for it.
Posted By: Gren Re: I just cant get it - Help - 05/17/00 09:05 AM
Thanks Pete.
As i said i can do the preview and photoreading parts fine and i feel im doing them well but when it comes to the activation stage im a bit lost...
Im confused about the differences between super reading, dipping and rapid reading..
I find im getting nothing from the activation process and i seem to be falling into the "conventional" way of reading all the time....
How do i know where i should be super reading and dipping ? Ive tried relaxing and seeing what "Grabs" my attention but I cant seem to find any and end up flicking through the whole book without any purpose.
Does this sound familiar ?


Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: I just cant get it - Help - 05/17/00 11:59 AM
First, go to the PhotoReading section of our website and read the article "Works on all Material." That should give you insight to the activation process. Often, beginning PhotoReaders give up activation too soon in the process.

Then come back and ask more questions.

But, more importantly, you must have a purpose. Otherwise, why read a book? You need to know why you are reading the book. What do you hope to gain from it? What do you want to accomplish as a result of learning the information in the book? Are you looking for specific pieces of information?

Posted By: Gren Re: I just cant get it - Help - 05/18/00 01:10 PM
Thanks for that Pete,
Ive just had a look at it and got some really good info.
I think i was quitting too soon as you suggested and expecting too much.
While im beginning would you suggest i super-read and dip every page from the beginning of a book as part of the activation period? I know this is more the rapid reading stage but maybe until i get more comfortable, what do you think ?
And i think i have been guilty of not having a real purpose but just wanting to jump in and learn the system...
Thanks again
Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: I just cant get it - Help - 05/19/00 12:09 PM
Sure. Super Read and Dip every page. Make sure you zip through the books. Some people go too slowly. Don't worry about the comprehension. It will come. Build comprehension layer after layer--you don't have to have full comprehension all at once. Eventually the book will gel. Be patient. Follow the system. Have fun.
Posted By: Gren Re: I just cant get it - Help - 05/22/00 11:54 AM
Thanks Pete...Had a few days off so just getting back to your post now....

Can you tell me if there are any approved Photoreading courses/teachers in Ireland ?


Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: I just cant get it - Help - 05/19/14 10:36 AM
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