Posted By: Ryan Praise Report about Photoreading! - 06/22/00 08:29 PM
I am in a school where they pay for college credit and you get credit in High school also. I took College Algebra and used the Photoreading system and managed to get a B in it. I was stunned, because when I first got this coursre I had trouble using it for classes, but I think this success has helped me and my confidence level about photoreading. I can apply it better to school this coming semester and I hope to make A's all through my classes. I bet I spent at least a 1/3 of the time the others in my Math class spent studying the material!
Also I photoread my Math book before the final exam and I finished the test before anyone else, it is truly amazing!

I would like to thank Paul Scheele for his work on this course! Good luck on other courses!

Posted By: Drew Re: Praise Report about Photoreading! - 06/23/00 01:42 PM
Thanks for sharing your success!

Try this: don't just PhotoRead your math book, but go to the library or bookstore and PhotoRead other math books, too.

That will expand your base of knowledge, and facilitate richer activation and understanding. Especially if something in your assigned math book is poorly written. Chances are another book will present that material better!

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