Posted By: Gren Really weird occurence after Photoreading - 05/30/00 02:34 PM
I just thought i would share something which happened to me soon after i started Photoreading. Im new to Photoreading and am still getting to grips with it but this "event" has given me the urge to go on. Forgive me if it goes on a bit...

As well as working full time I am also a student pilot going for my Private Pilots Licence. One night before going to bed i photoread a book on how to be a better and safer pilot, like the course suggests i asked my other than concious mind to activate the material while i slept. That night i dreamt i was flying with my instructor. In my dream We had just taken off and were climbing out when the plane started losing height. My instructor quickly identified the throttle was sliding out thus depriving the engine of power, he pushed it back in and cured the problem.

I awoke the next morning and thought no more of this.
2 days later i went for a flying lesson. We were doing what are called "touch and goes" which basically involve landing and taking off again without stopping. I landed on the runway, applied full power and let the plane take off again. I took my hand off the throttle for a brief moment to correct the flap settings..suddenly the plane started to drop, both myself and my instructor simultaneously reached for the throttle and found it had started to slide out...exactly the same as in my dream !!...there is a small friction nut which is meant to prevent the throttle sliding out but it was loose and inoperative...this wasnt a drastic emergency and certainly not life threatening but the fact that i had dreamed it 2 days previously after photoreading initially scared the hell out of me.
I know it could be a coincidence but its a pretty big one. Its certainly given me the urge to carry on and develop my skills further.

Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen to them ?


That's a great story.

I've heard many fascinating dream stories. Here are some things that come to mind:

- Several people have PhotoRead books on golf, tennis, and other sports, dreamed about playing the sport, and then had their game improve significantly. I did it once for skiing about six years ago--I think of that experience often, because I skied so much better.

- A minister PhotoRead the Bible and a couple of other books before sleep to prepare for a sermon. That night he dreamed the sermon, woke up and took notes, and then delivered that sermon that morning. I've heard similar stories from a couple of teachers and one person who had to give a speech.

Truly fascinating stuff...

Posted By: Drew Re: Really weird occurence after Photoreading - 07/06/00 04:16 PM
How can we enhance our dreaming activation?...set's the set up?
Read the "Enrich Your PhotoReading Experience" chapter in the PhotoReading book. There is a section on Dreaming. That process works!

The Dream Play Paraliminal Tape can help, too.

Posted By: Drew Re: Really weird occurence after Photoreading - 07/10/00 02:52 PM
Hey all,

I had an occurence after PRing several books on a topic last night. I am about to embark on a large amount of study for a commercial exam, which I need to pass...anyway..last night thought I'd let my unconscios mind view the material. PR'ed several books on the same topic, after PRing I thought blow, it what have you got to show me then, picked up the first book and just opened it. I was drawn to a section, with the word reading in it. As I read further I was being decribed the weekly amount of reading a professional needs to do during the course of an average week to keep up with the latest technology and views in the industry that I am about to enter. 2000 pages a week the 'experts thought'. I thought maybe a coincidence, but thank you I can PR the the material to stay with the experts...and get ahead and still have a life after work!


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