Posted By: FraserB Dictionaries and Encyclopedias - 08/17/00 11:20 AM
How do you photoread a very large dictionary or an encyclopedia ?

I have an Italian Dictionary I would like to Photoread but it is almost A4 size and its 700 pages long !

Whats the best way ? - In the home course manual one of the first exercises is to photoread a dictionary for 5 minutes, but that only covers a couple of letters of the alphabet.

Does this mean that you have to do the dictionary in sections or can you do it all at once - I guess that photoreading my 700 page dictionary may take 15-20 minutes ? Is this too long

Does the same principle apply to encyclopedias ?


Posted By: Drew Re: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias - 08/17/00 11:37 AM
Photoreading the dictionary that comes with the homestudy course..I have been able to photoread it completely easily within five minutes...I think it comes down to practice and getting comfortable with the whole process.

Many of the books that I am PRing at the moment are 700-100+ pages long. I have found that it really depends on the state that I am in as to whether I PR a book in one sitting or PR the book in chunks. i would suggest that you notice what your body is telling you. If you get tired or loose concentration, stop, do something differnt and then come back and renew your efforts with vigour! I have also found that with practice, you can get quicker and quicker at the turning the pages of a book whist remaining in your own best state, naturally you'll zip through the books faster.

Posted By: FraserB Re: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias - 08/21/00 04:46 PM
Pete - do you have anything to add to this ??
Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias - 08/22/00 12:08 AM
Drew is right on!
Posted By: Michael Saikali Re: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias - 08/22/00 04:05 AM
Remember to keep to the 30 minute rule in general when PR ... take little breaks and start next 30 minute chunk.

PR the dictionary multiple time and upside down will help to ensure any pages you may have missed get caught second or third time round.

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias - 05/19/14 10:58 AM
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