Posted By: Ryan Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 09/22/00 05:13 AM
Well, learning strategies I have to really thank ya'll for the incredible course of photoreading again!!!! I bought the book about a year ago, and at first had a few problems with using the system( personal doubt). But, last semester I took college algebra and I used photoreading on that and amazingly I received a B. I think I posted that a while back, but the point is that I practiced photoreading over the summer on everything and I started to learn the lead guitar with it. I have to say that it really really works!!!!!!!!
Today I took my online computer course and made around a 92 using it. It was an open book test but I knew most of the information and if I didnt know it, I knew right where it was somehow. The same happened for my government test!! I found that photoreading helps my come up with new songs on the guitar based on what I have learned!!! This message is just an encouragement to photoreaders who are having problems!! One question, how do you know you have reached the mastery level. I think I am somewhere in there.

Thanks once again!


Congrats! Truly an amazing story, thanks for sharing your positive experience! It helps people like myself and other's on the board to continue to strive to master, play and experience PR.

Mastery, hmmm, all depends on your view. Mastery is a perception of oneself and their ability ... I'd say that when it comes to PR, your definately on the right road!

Keep us posted, its great to hear success stories!


Michael Saikali

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