Could you please tell me if it would be OK to place the energy ring between mattress and springs.

Regarding the rods. The manual says we can create our own. Our local hardware store has the copper coated steel, but it is 4/32, not 3/32. Does this make a difference.

I'm really having fun with the dowsing. Thank you folks for making it available.

I spoke to Annette regarding some other things just after posting this question and she told me that yes, you can place the rings between the mattress and the springs and the 4/32 rods are fine.

I found a place online that has the rods in 3/32"w X 36" lengths. The more pounds you purchase, the cheaper by the pound they are. 70 full rods is 5 lbs, which will make 140 cures. If anyone is interested, I'll post the site link. The shipping wasn't that bad, the rods were $1.50/lb, and they shipped fast. UPS wasn't nice to the box, but they usually aren't anyway lol. \:\)
Yes please post the website
Which size energy ring should you place?
Sorry about the delay, as I don't check this forum often. The website for welding rods:

The ones I purchased were "house brand" and the number is
RG45322. This is the page where they are listed to order from, so you won't have to search \:\)

Hope this helps.
Aloha All,

I just noticed where this thread went and thought I'd chime in, as I was looking into purchasing bulk wire/rods, as mentioned in the book. Before doing so I thought I'd get Marie's thoughts one it - copper rods are copper rods right?

Her comment was that if I were to make them myself, they will not have the same impact, as the ones included in the course are special activated and alchemical treated in such a way that every one will have fabulous results.

So there you go. Go bulk if your choose to, I'm going to order a filler set.

Much Love, Shawn
Just bought the course, am going thru it first. Appreciate the help.

Questions: About the energy rings Are they the same as the ones we can purchase with Learning Strategies?

These are quite expensive though, can we make them ourselves? And would the results be the same?

Aloha tuvi,

The rings we purchase are very specifically designed, measured, crafted and for working with these energies. I'm sure the accounting department was pretty eyebrow-raised about the cost of the rings for inventory, but got it once they were informed of the process of their creation and the resulting effects.

Much Love, Shawn
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forums and this is my first post. I have just purchased Diamond Dowsing and I'm really enjoying the course so far. I received the Diamond Feng Shui course as a gift and I've been learning that as well. It's been quite an adventure, I must say.

I'd just like to chime in about making your own rods and rings.

This phrase comes to mind - "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change."

I know that these rods and rings are specifically designed and imbued with energies and intentions. I have not done Inner Diamond work but as an energy worker and practitioner who's done quite a bit of intention, healing and transformational work with others and myself, I've been really experiencing that everything - you, me, the computer, monitor, the rods and rings, are made up of the subatomic particles, photons and all sorts of quantum physical information. I noticed that when I work with clients and come from a place of amusement and that they're "just energy" and intend whatever it is they want to shift, their particles and photons in the form of their bodies respond and shift into the intended reality.

As taught in the film, The Secret, we're all energy. What I've been experiencing and getting over and over is that when I come from that space - that we're all energy, I make up what it is I want and/or want to transform and shift and allow it to happen... things happen. Intention. trust in your intention, and giving yourself permission and allowing it to happen are key. Yes, you are making it up, and how would it be if you trust in the power of that?

Yes, that was a little tangent, so I'm bringing it back to the rods and rings. What I'm suggesting is that what if I had a set of the original rods and rings and I got the bulk materials and with one hand on the original and one on my new set, I duplicate the energetic imprint through intention and trust. Know, believe and trust that my new set then carries the properties of the Marie Diamond infused set.

What do you all think?

I haven't done this yet but I just want to open the dialogue and create this as a possibility for an alternative to purchasing the extra rods and rings. I see how the power of intention absolutely creates amazing transformational shifts with other humans, so why not with copper rods and rings? It's all energy anyway. And of course, you can always muscle test for effectiveness.

I deeply appreciate all the work and craftsmanship that Marie Diamond and the Learning Strategies staff and team have put into these awesome courses and these tools.

I'm writing this post not to dishonor the Diamond process and tools or to dissuade anyone from getting the rings and supplemental rods, but to offer an opening that we are all powerful energetic beings who have the power to shift and transform anything through permission, intention and trust. Those of you who practice Spring Forest Qigong, I'm sure you know this. All this work and all the products Learning Strategies provide helps you to not only experience and realize your true greatness, but also fully own it and trust it.

So to provide an alternative response to Tuvi's question:

"These are quite expensive though, can we make them ourselves? And would the results be the same?"

My response is - Why not? And, what would it be like if the results were the same? (And, really allow yourself to go into that space of what that would be like).

And... have fun! :-)

With much gratitude and peace,
Just check the strength of both the course's and your home made stick, and choose the stronger (or less expensive ones if they are close). ;\)

Much Love,

Pete -

Thank you for a very thought provoking post. What you said makes perfect sense. As some time has passed since your post ... did you try it? What were your results?

Certainly worth a shot. If you were familiar with muscle testing you could then test the home made one vs the purchased one... even to the percentage difference in effectiveness.

I haven't gotten the course yet ... but it's calling to me. : )

Just brought some rods in Australia 2.4mm x 1000mm 5kg for $56 Au.
I also measured marie's rods at +32 and managed to copy the same intent into the new ones with +32 also.
Rods are actually used for TIG welding and are mild steel with a thin copper plating to minimise corrosion during storage. Happy Dowsing

all good things

Can you pls let me know, what do you mean by 3/32 copper coated steel? Does this mean diameter of the copper coated steel rod=3/32 inch =0.09375 inch
Hey There,

What is the link where i can buy the Energy Rings with three balls and triangle like described by Marie in the Release Meditation Introduction? And also for additional Cooper Sticks Rods?

May some in this Thread nowadays still help?

Hi Deep!

The reference is to 3/32 inch. I hear that welding stores carry what you need.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Hi Nelson!

The links can be found under the "More" tab on the Diamond Dowsing Product description page - or

An additional FYI - the energy rings no longer have the balls on them.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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