Posted By: lua Sticks direction - 12/05/16 11:20 PM
Hello I need your help, I can easily find the stress lines but i'm not sure if i have to put the cure stick on the stress line(parallel) or perpendicular to the stress line. Thank you for your help.
Posted By: PeterHursey Re: Sticks direction - 12/19/16 09:02 PM
Hi there Lua

the cures go across the stress lines, with the middle of the rod on the middle of the stress line.
With these sort of things just try and check with your rods to see if cured.


Posted By: lua Re: Sticks direction - 01/11/17 03:10 PM
Thank you very much Pete, now I fully understand the process. God bless you!!!.
Posted By: PeterHursey Re: Sticks direction - 01/19/17 03:00 AM
Any time ;-)
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