Posted By: Andriy workbook - 01/20/09 01:39 PM
I am from Ukraine.
Two days ago I purchased the book "Happy for No reason" here in the Russian version.
Somewhere at the beginning of the book I found a reference to an Internet link with a free workbook containing exercises (
I tried to acces it but found no workbook there.
Is it no more available?..
Thank you in advance for your help!
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: workbook - 01/21/09 05:03 AM
Here is the link for the workbook:

Have fun!!!
Posted By: audreyli Re: workbook - 02/23/09 02:05 AM
excuse me, uniquesoul, I'd like to have this link too, but failed. would you pls check whether the link is correct? thanks a lot!
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: workbook - 02/23/09 08:51 AM
You need to have Adobe Reader, otherwise it will not open. The link above works fine for me because I have the correct program. I hope it now works for you. Otherwise send me your email in a PM, so I can send it to you as attachment. It is a pdf file, so you need the correct software to open it.
Posted By: audreyli Re: workbook - 02/24/09 04:06 AM
Many thanks to you again, uniquesoul.
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: workbook - 02/24/09 01:28 PM
You are most welcome!!!
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