Posted By: quizman Are you serious? - 09/24/09 10:03 AM
Don't you guys think that if you want to find true happiness someone convincing you to spend exorbitant amounts of money on ridiculous self help books and common sense advice (Exercise helps you feel better)is pretty stupid?

Are your lives and your heads really that empty that you need Marci Shimoff to shave money off you to convince yourself that you are "happy for no reason"? You should be happy for many reasons, not because you spend over $250 on what amounts to the grade school equivalent of a Family and Consumer Sciences book.

Let me save you guys some money -

1. Exercise makes you less fat
2. Ignorance is bliss

Congratulations! You are now on the road to complete ignorant happiness based on nothing except your own convoluted idea that you deserve to be happy simply from being alive.

I hope you all are happy from filling your heads with this blind ideology and not original thought. If you need a $250 course to convince you that you are happy, then you clearly have nothing to be happy about.

These people are in it for the money people, they don't care at all about you. They are here to make you feel important so you will buy more of their garbage. Don't buy into it.
Posted By: Susannas_Momma Re: Are you serious? - 10/03/09 11:53 AM
Wow, you obviously have not read the book (which by the way I spent no money on, used my library card.) I'm sorry you are so UNhappy that you find it necessary to be rude to those of us who are.
Posted By: Linda Carroll Re: Are you serious? - 10/03/09 07:12 PM
Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm carefree. Sometimes I'm happy, for no reason at all!

Sometimes I have fun just noticing things: for instance, Einstein proposed that we live in a "friendly universe." That is, a universe that supports our thoughts and intentions.

This thread leads me to believe that yes, it is a friendly universe because it upholds one of Quizman's beliefs even in the face of his own argument against it.

I mean, if ignorance is bliss,
and Quizman is ignorant of the contents of Happy For No Reason,
then his ignorance of those contents
is blissful for him.

So, it works even when you don't participate!

OK, that was in a sense of fun.

Here's more valuable content:
I use several Learning Strategies Corporation products.
I plan on using more in the future.

These products have helped me gain mental clarity,
be easier on myself,
calm my thoughts and
consciously choose which thoughts to think,
and which to ignore or banish.

My results depend upon how clear I frame my intentions
and how much I honor the time and processes
I need to complete my particular project.

If you are starting out with "this stuff"
--that is "self-improvement" as it is sometimes called--
try some of the paraliminals or Genius Mind.
They are less expensive and very fun!

There's also a paperback copy of Happy for No Reason. That's what I have. Sometimes you don't need the whole big course. Everyone has different goals.

I read a photoreading book in the library--sort of a "dummies" type book by Paul Scheele. It was great--I already read pretty fast, but this book REALLY STRENGTHENED my recall and reading for specific information. Someday I'll take the photoreading class live!

Gee, there's also a quarterly drawing for $250 in products. That reminds me, I better sign up!

I think LSC provides a great and valuable service
to the world community.
I also think their prices are modest
compared to the value and quality provided.

Best wishes,
Posted By: RoxT Re: Are you serious? - 12/20/09 11:14 PM
I am happy that people like Marci and many others have taken the time to study and write books that are so helpful. We are here on earth to "Grow in our ability to Love" and "Work on our Life Lessons". It's with the help of her book and many others that I am do well in these areas.

The fact that you are looking at this string tells me that your soul is trying to tell you to work on these areas as well.
Posted By: Brian D. Chapman Re: Are you serious? - 01/08/10 03:20 AM
One HUGE thing I learned from this course is: don't complain. It robs you of your happiness! So big. Also, don't criticize others ...
Posted By: wealthychef Re: Are you serious? - 01/31/10 07:19 PM
Poor quizman! LOL. This kind of posting is called "trolling." I don't understand its purpose. Perhaps you think you are helping people by challenging their dogma? I'm curious as to what you are really up to. Do you find that talking like this to people helps them, or is it just for your own ego?
Posted By: BonnieK Re: Are you serious? - 04/15/10 12:50 AM
I just started reading this book last week and already it has helped me to be a much more positive person...I'm thinking that quizman should read it too and he, too, might become more positive.
Posted By: Tracie Re: Are you serious? - 01/14/11 04:41 AM
This is really sad. I just joined this forum and this was the first post I read.
Posted By: Singingserpent Re: Are you serious? - 01/17/11 05:11 AM
Well, you can't be 100 percent happy continuously without ever experiencing unhappiness in life. This is simply because life is a mixture of things. If you ever want to experience happiness, you must know what unhappiness is like... otherwise, how will you understand happiness?
Posted By: ZenHorse Re: Are you serious? - 02/23/11 07:01 AM
If we were all happy, then Marci wouldn't have needed to write this book and I wouldn't have grabbed it like the last life preserver from the Titanic smile. We're all getting where we need to be. Even Mr. Quizman.
Posted By: blogs Re: Are you serious? - 03/14/12 12:16 PM
I'm sorry you are so UNhappy that you find it necessary to be rude to those of us who are.
Posted By: Jawed_Iqbal Re: Are you serious? - 09/15/18 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by Singingserpent
Well, you can't be 100 percent happy continuously without ever experiencing unhappiness in life.

yes you are right.
be happy..
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