Posted By: Dwayne I have an idea but I need your help please - 11/30/09 07:46 PM
The thought came to me to create a "Happiness Playlist", only containing songs that are positive and give you that "warm feeling". However, the only song coming to my mind is the Golden girls theme song, "Thank you For Being a Friend"

Do you guys have any songs that make you feel happy?
I'm not for songs, prefer music like Chariots of Fire. The success songs that Paul Scheele and Paul Hoffman created for Sonic Access are a choice for some.

I like the idea. Have you found more?

the best i have been able to do so far is classical and jazz. some of the selections under those categories have the desired outcome
One song I love is from Public Image Limited (PIL), entitled appropriately "Happy" ... very upbeat and fun. Let me know if you need help finding this song.
What a good idea !!

I think Louis Armstrongs "What a wonderfull world" and the gospelsong "Oh happy day" are two examples of universal mucic that brings joy, happiness into hearts all over the world.

Personaly I love the cd "Emissary of light" by James Twyman, who have put music to a prayer from each religion in the world. I find it very beatiful that he brings something good from each religion and makes it work together on his cd side by side. That cd too activates my heart :-)

Keep up the good work
Posted By: iun Re: I have an idea but I need your help please - 10/05/12 01:01 AM
Very positive and uplifting vibe:

Live here and now:

Dont you want our hearts to sing, I know myself.

Believe in yourself:

The innoncense:

Ohm mani padme hum:

healing an angry/hurt heart:

embrace reality /release fears /feel hope:

burning desire for your dreams:

innocens of heart brings magic of life:

comfort even beyound the frame of life:

life as a journey:
What an awesome idea! I have many lists built on youtube, most of them just for giving me that warm feeling, making me tingle!

Some of my all time favorites, all different types of music, hope you find some you like

There's so many more, but I don't want to overwhelm you. Happy Listening :-)
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