Posted By: rirvinmoore Colors in the Aura - 03/23/17 09:19 PM
Hi everyone,

after a long period with not much practice, I'm noticing one new thing. When I look at my hands, I don't just notice a bland whitish glow anymore. Sometimes I distinguish a sort of iridescent blue-green instead, and this is interesting because it's not always one or the other. So far this is the only color I've really managed to identify but it's an exciting development!
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Colors in the Aura - 03/27/17 07:11 PM
Hi Rivinmoore!

Sounds as if you are moving in the right direction. Try opening and closing your hands and noticing the color merging and separating. Bring your hands (or fingers) together and apart and notice the nuances there as well. And remember to request "More of that please!"

All the best!
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