Posted By: 13mundane YELLOW Glow - 04/28/17 09:48 PM
Hey Friends,
I've always been able to perceive yellow aura but finding hard to go beyond that and sometimes I see flash of blue/green at random.
Hopefully, this course will help me.

I like to know how long or your progress with this course and how this course enhance your life?

Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: YELLOW Glow - 05/01/17 10:03 PM

I could initially see more green and it was generally only six inches to a couple of feet out from whatever I was gazing at. That gradually increased, particularly when I started using the exercises in Brian's Aura Seeing course. Not only did I start seeing a wider range of auric field, but I started seeing other colors, as well as varying densities of hue, and movements in the field while I was observing it.

I think my greatest improvements where when I started looking at auras throughout my day, not just when purposefully looking as part of my practice with the course materials.

I'm sure people find differing benefits and ways of using their skills, but for me it's very helpful to see how people are interacting, if they're engaged in and/or understanding what is being taught or presented and their general state of mind.

When I do healing work, it is incredibly helpful in ascertaining where energy is blocked, leaking, or slow and stagnant.

All the best with your practice!

Posted By: johncj Re: YELLOW Glow - 09/26/17 02:19 AM
Hi I'm a new a new student in Brian's Aura Seeing class(Learning Strategies) I'm sure auras exist but I have a hard time seeing any. Would some of you out there tell me about your experiences and successes and how long it took you to accomplish them and what you did? Johncj
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