Posted By: Patty14 Tunneling and other difficulties - 10/03/17 01:49 AM

I have had success seeing blue and greenish auras around my fingers (so amazing!) and see the auras of trees outside quite easily. However, I cannot for the life of me see tunneling in or outward when I gaze at the spiral or the star.

Also, when we are to shift focus to the outside of the star, my eyes shift from point to point and I can't see the entire outside of the star at once, does that make sense?

How do you look at the outside edges of the star all at the same time and still focus on the periphery?

Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Tunneling and other difficulties - 10/03/17 07:45 PM
Hi Patty!

It’s not at all unusual to find components of the aura seeing exercises challenging. Those of us who were guinea pigs before we actually created the personal learning course had a variety of different responses to the various modalities.

The spiral was challenging for all but one of us. Most of us were able to get a cinnamon roll effect, but none of us were initially able to pull it out (or push it in) much more than that. We went on to some of the other exercises and one day I revisited the spiral, and lo and behold, I could pull it out like a party hat and push it in like the entrance to a cave. Just keep experimenting, but don’t get hung up on a particular exercise.

Brian presents the exercises in a sequence that is normally effective, where each builds on the ones before it, but we’re all different, and hence some will resonate more and earlier or later than others.

For the star exercise, most people get into the state of peripheral awareness that you use when looking at those Magic Eye pictures that contain an image embedded within a repetitive pattern. It’s as if you’re looking through the middle of the picture, but at the same time are aware of the peripheral design that surrounds that central point of focus.

Again, keep “playing” and don’t get hung up if you’re not getting the specific results Brian mentions. It’s definitely a process and if you are persistent, your practice will gradually evolve. In addition, use your gazing techniques as you go through your day, not just when you are formally working with the course. I look at auras when standing in line, taking a class, walking through the forest, doing qigong, etc. It’s incredible some of the things you see and the insights you gain.



P.S. Don't forget, when you see something new or feel you are making progress, tell the Universe "more of that, please!" It will be happy to comply!
Posted By: Patty14 Re: Tunneling and other difficulties - 10/10/17 02:01 AM
Thank you so very much Wendy! I absolutely was hung up. And I didn't think I should continue if I couldn't "master" each step. I will continue on....

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