Posted By: Pro_Musician Seeing aura’s is Synesthesia? - 01/22/18 10:19 AM

I was wondering if you see aura’s, is this being considered as having synesteshia?

Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Seeing aura’s is Synesthesia? - 01/26/18 09:09 PM
Hi Pro-Musician!

While developing your capacities to see auras might be related to the outcome some people experience due to synesthesia, I don't think it would be considered the same thing. My understanding is that synesthesia is an involuntary experience, while what you are doing is purposefully seeking to enhance and deepen that skill.

All the best!
Posted By: Pro_Musician Re: Seeing aura’s is Synesthesia? - 02/13/18 08:05 PM
Okay, Thanks
Posted By: OlgaVasquez Re: Seeing aura’s is Synesthesia? - 06/13/20 04:37 AM
Experience of 'auras' around people may be result of a neuropsychological condition called synesthesia. Synesthesia is a fascinating condition which causes a cross-wiring of the senses. People with it find they can taste numbers or associate particular colours with certain people.
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