Posted By: duster New pathways to enlightenment group - 01/29/16 01:39 PM
Greetings to everyone soon to embark on the good ship Pathways to Enlightenment. I am looking forward to the journey very much and to your company, whoever and wherever you are. It would be good to have an active forum for this. Anyone else bought their ticket and feeling sociably supportive?
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 02/05/16 04:55 PM
Hi Duster!

Most people enjoy using the private Facebook Group we have set up. You should have received an invitation to join earlier this week.

Be with you on the Inner Plane tomorrow morning!

Posted By: duster Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 02/08/16 10:49 AM
Hi Wendy. Yes, thank you, I received the invite and joined the Facebook page but am a little unsure as to how private the page is. I understand it is called a closed group, and indeed can see that most members are not new to it and that so far few are choosing to post on it. I wonder if others share my concerns.
I am not overly familiar with Facebook but have discovered that it is possible to link to a member's home page and view some if not all their unrelated posts.
As someone who has previously chosen not to post personal information on Facebook I would appreciate some assurance that whatever I share there cannot be read outside the group.
Posted By: duster Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 02/17/16 07:14 PM
Wendy, I am loving the meditations but I am disappointed not to have had a response from you about this, especially as the course was marketed as including the facility of a forum. Facebook is not comparable; it lacks the private, cosily enclosed supportive structure a forum can offer.

Wendy is unavailable right now.

Regarding Facebook, You do have access to information that other members choose to make available. Everything discussed in a closed group can only be seen by members, when they visit the group. It's like going to a closed meeting. You get to know the people at the meeting and everything said at the meeting is only available to the members who were at the meeting.

The forum on the other hand is viewable by all and you don't need to be a member to read the post.

Posted By: duster Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 02/18/16 10:17 AM
Thank you Alex. Yes, I understand the forum can be read by anyone but privacy is ensured by the fact that forum members are unidentifiable in the bigger world. I cannot see a Facebook setting that blocks access to one's home page, perhaps I am missing it.
I raise this not just because of my own concerns but because I suspect/know others share them. The Facebook page is not being used by many and I wonder why.
Actually Facebook allows you to set the information that is available to others. Like address, location and such the individual has control of and can be visible only one person (me only) for things like address.

Your public profile can be set

Anyone from a group not directly linked to you a a friend can only visit your public profile and see what you've permitted the world to see. Which may be accessible to search engines outside of Facebook, it depends on your setting. So no member of the group has access to more information than you're already freely sharing with search engines.

The above link explains a bit more how to make your Facebook more private. If it is a concern.

Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 02/26/16 04:51 PM
Hi Duster!

I am so glad Alex dived in and helped you. I have had an insanely busy couple of weeks and am just now accessing the forum. It is now used far less than it was before people started being comfortable using facebook for forum type gatherings.

I am not very savvy on facebook, so will also benefit from the information Alex shared.

Hope you've been enjoying the Saturday sessions. Isn't it a great way to start a weekend?

Lots of love,
Posted By: Bram777 Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 09/14/16 06:46 PM
Hi Wendy,

I hope your doing fantastically. It's been a while since we've chatted. I've been using Pathways of Enlightenment for some time and currently enjoying "Infinite Grace." I don't remember getting an invite to the Facebook group you mention. I tried looking for it on Facebook myself to no avail. How can I get access? Let me know. Thanks so much.


Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 09/16/16 05:32 PM
Hi Bram!

Why don't you email the name you registered for the Pathway series with to and we'll send you another invitation.

All the best!
Posted By: gabbyjaffy32 Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 11/10/21 07:42 AM
I'm cherishing the reflections however I am disillusioned not to have had a reaction from you about this, particularly as the course was promoted as including the office of a discussion. Facebook isn't tantamount; it comes up short on the private, comfortably encased strong construction a gathering can offer.
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: New pathways to enlightenment group - 11/10/21 02:48 PM
Hi Gabbyjaffy!

I'm not sure what you are referencing as the last posting on this thread was done in 2016. Did you post something that has been removed?

Wendy Greer
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