Posted By: Pete Bissonette Welcome to Pure Energy! - 04/06/11 05:07 PM
Welcome to the forum for Deirdre Hade and her Radiance Pure Energy program.

The 5-minute length of her meditations takes away excuses for not meditating and brings a regular meditation practice into reach for everyone. Even if you like the longer meditations from Chunyi Lin, Jeddah Mali, and Paul Scheele, I’m sure you’re going to find yourself reaching for these 5-minute quickies quite often.

The biggest tip I can give you is to memorize the experience of the meditations so that you don’t always need to listen to receive benefit. You merely need to move the energy in the way that Deirdre guides you on the recording.

A couple of days ago I was standing in line at the grocery store. I moved the energy around me in the same way as Deirdre would during the “Rebalancer” meditation. I felt just as rebalanced I would normally feel after listening to the meditation.

The easiest way to memorize how to move the energy is simply to do the meditations. After a while you will be able to remember what to do for each meditation. It all flows naturally.

The program comes with plenty of tips and ideas for getting the most benefit from the eight 5-minute meditations. Be sure to listen to Deirdre’s recorded conversations and peruse the guidebook.

Please share you experiences here and ask any questions.

Posted By: Mayuri Re: Welcome to Pure Energy! - 07/02/17 07:59 AM
Thank you for these tips! And for bringing this program to us. It's beyond amazing!!! So so grateful! Thank you!!!!!
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