Posted By: Annabella Surrogate Visualisations - 03/11/18 07:36 AM
Hello and warm wishes to you.

If I wanted to do one of the pure energy visualisations for my children (eg the Rebalancer which adds the blue light of protection around them), what would be the best way to do the visualisation?

Would I imagine them in front of me, and the Pure Energy flowing through and around them as guided, and say the affirmations on their behalf?

Or would I imagine that I am them myself, and then follow the Pure Energy guidance steps from this perspective. This method feels a bit sticky, as how do I separate them from me afterwards...I could step out, but it seems a bit disrespectful of their energy. They’re only little and very pure compared to all my baggage of decades worth.

Also if it’s this latter method you advocate, can I imagine I’m both of them at once (they’re twins although non-identical) or do I have to do it twice? The first method I can easily imagine doing it for both of them at once which from a time perspective is more practical, though I recognise might be compromising quality for time efficiency.

Also, an extra question, what is the blue/purple light at the centre of our brain? I find it an extraordinary visualisation and surprisingly pleasurable to imagine this light at the centre of my brain. I find myself smiling even more when it expands out into my brain, it’s quite lovely. What is this blue/purple diamond/crystal/light?

Also, an additional question now I’m on a roll, how many times would I have to do the Pure Energy visualisations before the divine light becomes more of a permanent feature in my psyche? Before I start living naturally in this stunning beautiful reality? Does it take thousands of visualisations or years of repetitions or is there a way I can fasttrack myself and more immediately align myself with this divine light reality now?

I’m finding the meditations remarkable in effect whenever I do them, yet somehow have not made them a consistently routine part of my day. :-/

I find this wisdom extraordinary. The effects of these visualisations can be felt viscerally and tangibly immediately. I wonder why it is that this is not common knowledge and everyone is not doing these? The wisdom of these meditations seem obvious to me. Yet paradoxically I’m not doing them consistently every day and at the same time can’t understand why they’re not a thing everybody knows about in the self-care world!

Okay, thank you for hearing me and for your blessings too, which somehow I can feel even though I’ve not posted this yet....

With love and light 💖
Posted By: Annabella Re: Surrogate Visualisations - 03/25/18 08:46 AM
Hi Wendy

Just wondered if you’d had a chance to read through my questions above yet please?

With love light and thanks ❤️💛🙏
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Surrogate Visualisations - 03/28/18 09:29 PM
HI Annabelle!

Sorry for the tardy response. I didn't get a notification that you'd posted!

I prefer to put people in front of me when I am doing distance healing or sending energetic frequencies. I also always add "for the highest good of all," because I don't want to interfere with any potential growth that is coming from the perceived challenge that I am trying to assist with.

I generally work on one person at a time, but will sometimes work with an entire group when I have a lot of people involved. Again, I set as part of my intention that each person will get the specific assistance they need and that it will be for the highest good of each and all of them.

I can't really give you a specific answer as to how long it takes before the states you experience in meditation become more regularly apparent in regular life. I will go through phases where i feel really connected and centered, and will then have period where I feel as if I've lost that connection (although we both know that's not really possible). I guess it's part of being an energetic being in a physical body. The physicality gives us so many opportunities to flex and strengthen our spiritual muscles.

I'm not sure about the blue/purple light in the center of the brain, but I know it is incredibly powerful and feels very cathartic and cleansing. I use the purple flame a lot to clear my own field, as well as that of people or places where the energy feels contracted or dense.

Lots of love to you,
Posted By: Annabella Re: Surrogate Visualisations - 07/01/18 12:01 PM
Dear Wendy
Thank you so much for your reply (and your patience with me returning feedback). I found your response very helpful and feel I have been successfully cleansing and healing my children's energetic frequencies by having them infront of me as described. In fact your response was so very helpful, as I've been able to use this method with another healing modality thats been inspired by my Pure Energy studies.

I love how honest and humble you are in revealing that sometimes even you feel like you've lost the connection, even though as you say we both know that's not really possible. This helps me no end, because it shows me that my experiences are normal and ok and I just have to reconnect consciously that's all, because it's just a state of mind that's taken me out of flow probably and I have the power to reconnect (or re-remember perhaps!). I love you for being so down to earth and accessible to us, even though it's clear you've got such an extensive depth and arsenal of experience and knowledge and wisdom in the fields of human engineering and spiritual evolution. Thank you!

By the way, since I first wrote the question, I feel like I've got a bit more clarity on the blue/purple light in the centre of the brain. I've noticed that the top three chakras are commonly associated as having blue/purple colours and so this seems to make a lot of sense to me that Diedre sees the light at the centre of the brain radiating the same colour frequency. Of course I still don't understand it all, but at least there's some kind of link that's appearing here... It's nice to hear you say it's powerful and feels quite cathartic and cleansing for you too. I've noticed that every single time I do the meditation with Diedre, focusing on the blue/purple light at the centre of my brain ALWAYS brings a smile to my face! It's remarkable. I lost concentration for a few seconds this morning as I was doing the meditations with her and then brought myself back rapidly, realising I had got distracted whilst she was doing this bit in particular - but you know what? I noticed that it had still inspired a physiological response in the form of a happy smile anyway! Wow, that was odd (in the nicest way).

It's interesting to hear you say you use the purple flame a lot to clear your own field and other people/places too. I will have to try this too! May I ask, how do you visualise this? Do you see a cleansing purple flame at the centre of your brain in particular, or just sense-emit it towards the disturbed frequencies in general?

Your whole answer above really set me along on quite a unique journey. Hearing you say that we're energetic beings in a physical body had a profound impact me. It's really helped me understand myself on a whole new level and led me to think about a different kind of solution and resolution process to the ones I've been struggling with my whole life.

More than anything, you've really helped lend credence to some new awarenesses and realisations that have been coming up for me all of a sudden in the past year. Most recently the Pure Energy Meditations and EFT and specifically your reply has guided me to a whole new personal practice that's suddenly evolved. I've found myself during meditations (my background is TM style mantra based meditation) led to cleansing my outer body and then my chakras and finally embedding the light through mantras at the core of my being (kind of a cross between Connie Andreas' Core Transformation work and David Hamilton's Quantum Healing work). It's quite a revolutionary process for me that seems to have been suddenly brought to my awareness almost organically as I continued to meditate on the light and trust the Higher Power That Is.

I don't know anyone else personally in real life who engages in clearing and light practices, so to have you respond to my email and offer your guidance is really such a precious gift for me. Thank you deeply and profoundly.

My eyes are being opened up to a whole new world that I didn't know existed before. I've started reading Jean Haner's book on clearing, which really amazed me. And I'm currently PhotoReading Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan, which is totally blowing me away (both the book and the photo-reading process - it's my first photoread! I'm going to photoread a stack of books on Light and Healing and on NLP too, and see what that brings me!).

Anyway, I'm getting carried away talking too much, and I have a lot of meditating to do today, so I'll let you get on too!

Thank you so much dear beautiful Wendy. I just love your energy, both on the Q&A videos you do and through the beautiful way you respond to emails. Humility is such a stunning trait and I'm in complete admiration of it. I see you share this with all my most favourite people!

My love to you (and to Pete and Paul too) (and all your gang!)
What you give to us out here in the world is phenomenal and I'm such a great admirer and fan of all your work and the service you so beautifully provide.
Thank you! xxxxxxxxxx

Posted By: Annabella Re: Surrogate Visualisations - 07/01/18 05:09 PM

I was just thinking, is there a way to set up notifications on this forum so that I get an email notification when a post appears on a thread I started or a thread I’m interested in? 🤞
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First off, go to your username at the top right (may be different for a mobile device) and choose Preferences In the drop-down menu.

Scroll down to the Email and Private Message Preferences section and make sure the option of Should anything added to your Follow Lists be emailed to you is set to yes.

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