Posted By: Heron Instantaneous Personal Magnetism - 11/25/06 01:19 PM

Found this site a couple of days ago and im intrested in buying the Instantaneous Personal Magnetism tape. after reading about the tapes i guess some of the paraliminal tapes comes in 2 sets, one A tape and one B tape, does anyone know if its the same with the Instantaneous Personal Magnetism tape, and why is it 2 tapes insteed of just one tape, seems kind of to much to listen to two 30 min tapes a a day for a week, one more question, should you listen to the tape/tapes when you wake up in the morning and at night time , do you think i should buy the New Behavior Generator tape to, to use with the Instantaneous Personal Magnetism tape, if my goal is to beacome confident, Charismatic and outgoing

hope someone can help me with my questions =)

Take care
Posted By: Jay186 Re: Instantaneous Personal Magnetism - 11/25/06 01:51 PM

HI Heron

IPM is a delightful, single session, CD, I believe, that LSC, have phased out, the Tapes, and made some improvements, by re-mastering, the paraliminalís and adding Holosync tones, if I remember IPM is only 25 minutes long, Should you buy NBG, only you can answer that question, if your unsure, then just get IPM, give it a test drive, if it works well for you then there is nothing stopping you from, Getting the new behaviour generator, or you could get them both, as there are covered by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so which ever way you decided to go, youíre a winner.

Hope this is helpful.

Posted By: Heron Re: Instantaneous Personal Magnetism - 11/25/06 03:33 PM
Thank you Jay, your reply was very helpful =)
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