Posted By: Heron Question to peaple who use Holosync - 11/27/06 07:59 PM
Hello =)

planning on buying the Holosync - Awakening Prologue and i have heard that peaple get some freaky experience under the Holosync process, but my question is, if I buy the Holosync - Awakening Prologue, will i get that discomfort or will the discomfort come when i move on to Holosync - Awakening Prologue and do i have to move on to the second level, i ask this question beacuse i feel that i will be able to handle the discomfort better if i dont get it at the first level "Awakening Prologue" but instead at the second level "Awakening Level 1". and if it is a possibilty that discomfort can come on the first level, then what kind of discomfort can i expext, becuse i am moving to a diffrent country in 2 months to attend college and i dont want to be totaly jiddiry and angry all the time beacuse of the discomforti get from the Holosync - Awakening Prologue.

hope you understand my question, english isent my first language so that why my post can seem confusing sometimes. =)

take care/Heron
Posted By: Jay186 Re: Question to peaple who use Holosync - 11/27/06 09:25 PM
Hi Heron

You are asking the type of question, that we canít really answer, as each person, that uses, Holosync, does not necessarily, have this discomfort, only a small portion of people, seem to have this discomfort, and as we can not, project our selves into the future, then we canít even, guess, at what your response to Holosync maybe, you might even, have a incredible time, through the Holosync programme, then again, itís all guess work.

Holosync, effects, and affects, people in lots of many different ways mostly! Good.

There is no way we can tell you, if any discomfort will happen, it may and it may not, it all depends, in part on what, mind-body does in response to the stimulus, of the Holosync tones.

Itís tricky, giving an answer, to how others respond, to personal development programmes, as we are all very different, and we each, respond in our very own unique, personal way.

Posted By: Unis Re: Question to peaple who use Holosync - 11/28/06 08:12 PM
Adding to what Jay has said (which I agree with, for the most part), not everyone progresses exactly the same way. Some people never experience any discomfort at all - sometimes they go through several levels before anything upsetting occurs. Even then, the support email and phone lines are available, with knowledgeable people who can provide you with lots of helpful ideas.

Personally, if you are in normal health, have a fairly healthy mind-set about things, and don't look for problems, you will probably do just fine with it. If you do decide to go with, make a commitment to yourself that you will not rush along from one level to the next - only when the level feels "flat" to you - something you will understand more after using the product, then do you switch over. Following the recommended lengths of time for each level, and then adding a bit for good measure, should ensure that each level has an opportunity to do what it was meant to do.

Another thing I'd like to dispell - you may not actually "feel" anything happening, but don't be fooled by this - changes are very slight over the short 6 month period, but the overall changes do add up over time. Using the binaural beat regime on a regular basis will have a definite impact on your ability to think more clearly and quicker, and from my own experience, your overall ability to handle subsequently more elevated levels of stress, which positively affects your overall well-being.

Personally, I have found it to be amazing.

Over the past I have used Holosync and Hemisync for various meditations and only once did I have a situation that my mood did get rather angry. ( flash back to the past) Yet I wanted to help a child of mine to have a healthier life and I asked the people at the Monroe Institute about a product that maybe she could use and was advised because of her condition not to use Binaural technology with her. So I opted to use a product called Sound Health Sound Wealth by Luanne Oaks. Available thru Learning Strategies and my daughter and myself absoulutely love the product and it seems to have done miracles for her.
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Question to peaple who use Holosync - 12/03/06 12:43 PM
I have been using Awakening Prologue for a few years since I feel there is more for me to learn from it. I do get angry at times because Holosync must trigger something in my brain that I have not let go. However, I am getting to the stage when I will move up a level.

You need to keep in mind that Holosync comes with lots of help and chances of contacting Centerpointe helpdesk are always available with prompt and informative replies.

You need to decide what to do and do it. Trying to predict what may happen is useless, as other people have already explained.
Posted By: Tore Re: Question to peaple who use Holosync - 12/29/06 09:41 PM
I went to fast with it. Should have just used half of the time. I'm pretty sensitive so I crashed with it. I wouldn't suggest doing it more that what feels good for you. As uniquesoul says, it can be good for years instead of a few months.
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