Posted By: bethann headphones for sleeping - 02/26/08 06:05 PM
I found these great headphones online for sleeping. They are perfect for listening to the sleep tracks. So anyone who has avoided doing that because of discomfort should check these out.
Posted By: tirips Re: headphones for sleeping - 02/26/08 06:22 PM
Thank you I will do that.
Posted By: danielcgordon Re: headphones for sleeping - 02/26/08 11:02 PM
Thanks. I bought a cheap cd player so I can have small speakers next to my head when I sleep. Although I don't always sleep on my back. I didn't catch the price when I looked at the site, i'll have to go again. Here is another site I found awhile back for pillow speakers that looked interesting.

I think they're only $2o or so. Not bad, I haven't bought them but since this is posted I figured I'd share it with everyone.

Posted By: uniquesoul Re: headphones for sleeping - 02/27/08 07:11 AM
Thanks... they sound really good. I am checking with Centerpointe how compatible they are with the Holosync technology which is also part of the latest Paraliminals.
Posted By: Jeanne Re: headphones for sleeping - 02/27/08 02:27 PM
For those who want more info from actual users, I see lists the item, and it has about 9 reviews from customers. Most rave--a couple of the reviews cited problems.

I just might give this thing a try. Regular headphones, earbuds, etc., are extremely uncomfortable and actually prevent sleep for me. I also don't have much luck with "pillow phone" types of devices, since you don't get the benefits of the Holosync and/or paraliminal technology.
Posted By: DebDeb Re: headphones for sleeping - 02/28/08 11:00 PM
I bought really cheap headphones (the kind you stick in your ears) at Dollerama for a buck. I sleep very well in them, and hear my Paraliminals quite well.
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: headphones for sleeping - 02/29/08 02:42 PM
I am querying the AcousticSheep company about the minimum frequency of the headphones. They admitted that the 0 Hz as minimum was wrong. The lady tested the headphones on her computer and found out that the minimum of 10 Hz. She added that it was a function of the computer not being about to increase the volume. Again this was wrong. For advanced Holosync tracks you need 6 Hz as the lowest frequency.

I do find ear buds uncomfortable; they have created some infection in my ears. So I would love to buy the AcousticSheep product. They have a very simplistic approach to brain entrainment, which they produce with the CD's which come with the headphones. Their carrier frequencies are very high, like 180 Hz or so.

So the message is: watch out what you buy and, if not sure, query the seller and the producer of your meditation tracks to make sure you don't waste your money or loose the benefit of your meditation. I know somebody who wasted years of meditation since she didn't pay attention to the frequency range of the headphones.
Posted By: Jeanne Re: headphones for sleeping - 02/29/08 05:55 PM
UniqueSoul and DebDeb--U.S. is so right, you really do need to pay attention to the frequencies. You CAN get what you need with some inexpensive (relatively) headphones, but you need to check and be sure. It isn't so much what you can consciously hear--it's the subtle sounds that do a lot of the heavy lifting on these cds.
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/06/08 06:45 AM
I agree with Jeanne. Unfortunately, AcousticSheep has not got back to me after the initial response about the frequency of their headphones, when they provided incorrect information. They have taken the information on the frequency off their website and not replaced it yet. So I would be very weary to buy their product until they provide more technical information, if you are at more advanced levels of brain entrainment. I still like the format of their headphones though. I hope they will clarify matters about the frequency.
Posted By: SleepySheep Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/10/08 03:09 AM
Hi Folks!

Claire handles the customer service emails for the SleepPhones product here at AcousticSheep. She forwarded the exchange in question to me. (I'm more involved in the technical side of things.)

I think this is the response that might be considered controversial:
"I guess you make a good point about no vibrations at 0 Hz. It's just the typical manufacturer designation f0-20kHz. I just tested a pair of our headphones. The minimum detectable frequency is 20Hz using my MacBook. Perhaps if I used a more powerful player, I can hear the 10Hz."

Amplifiers actually DO have minimum and maximum frequency ratings - but I've got no idea what they might be on a MacBook. I figure this is a moot point here, though, as merely listening really isn't an appropriate way to evaluate speakers at frequencies below the range of human hearing (20Hz). I'm aware that some people can hear tones even down to 17Hz, but unfortunately the track she was using for testing only works in increments of 10Hz. Thus it's not surprising to me that she's not hearing anything below 20Hz.

Anyway, the frequency response range numbers on our website come from a datasheet provided by our speaker manufacturer. They should still be up there - I don't think anyone has taken them down. Personally, though, I don't consider these numbers to be very useful, even though I know they are often all consumers have to go by. Instead, it's the frequency response chart that counts. If the response drops off too quickly after a certain point, I don't expect that tracks which rely on frequencies below that point will be effective. I consider this to be the case even if the "official" cited frequency response number is much lower. Here's an article that explains what I'm talking about (even though the included charts don't go below 20Hz):

On our end, we've very carefully evaluated a great number of speakers looking for the best ones we could find with the size and shape we need. The testing we've done here at AcousticSheep, though, has only covered the range of human hearing (20Hz to 20kHz). This is because we don't have access to an "electronic ear" device which can handle infrasonic frequencies (under 20Hz).

Therefore, I do not feel comfortable recommending our SleepPhone product for applications that depend on frequencies below the accepted range of human hearing. (These would include HoloSync's "Awakening Level 4" and beyond.) The last thing I want is for our customers to purchase our product for an application that it's not suited for.

I've actually tracked down a chart for our speakers since my last email to uniquesoul. It looks like anything down to 20Hz will be fine. (Which would cover any HoloSync programs up to but not including "Awakening Level 4".) I can't be certain of anything below 20Hz, though, as that's where the chart ends.

Up to now, we've just been quoting the frequency range provided by our speaker manufacturer. I've just requested specific measurements for the range below 20Hz, as determined by an appropriate "electronic ear" device. These should provide a fuller picture. I'll keep everyone posted.

I hope this clears up any confusion. If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to contact us! It's our goal at AcousticSheep and to be as accessible as possible. Also, I do want to apologize again to uniquesoul for not answering his questions sooner - I was forwarded an email exchange and genuinely didn't realize there were questions left in there that I was meant to answer.

Thanks for reading this far!

Jason H. Wolfe, CTO
AcousticSheep LLC
Posted By: shakurav Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/10/08 02:49 PM
Jason, thank you for this very clear and detailed response.

Here's my take, both on the thread thus far and your response:

a) This is a forum NOT about Holosync, but about Paraliminals.
b) The most important part of Paraliminals (at least for me and I think most people who use them) is NOT the Holosync part, but rather the PARALIMINAL technology. I.e. the two voices, one on each channel, the NLP involved, the intention we set, etc (the Paraliminals worked even BEFORE there was a Holosync track on it! People used them, liked them and continued to purchase them. IMHO, the Holosync track is nice, but it is icing on an already tasty and nourishing cake!).
c) These headphones seem like they WILL help people listen to the Paraliminal sleep track in bed in comfort and in excellent sound quality.
d) Based on what Jason has told us, the issue with below 20 HZ is irrelevant to this discussion board (although I am sure interesting to those very serious Holosync users, which I know we have many here in the LS community)

and therefore...

e) These headphones will probably be useful for those wanting to sleep while listening to Paraliminals with comfort, reduced noise and with at least a fair to good (of not better) degree of efficiency.

Although I have not yet purchased these headphones, I am almost certainly going to: one for me and one for my wife: we have sleeping issues both internally and one with the other. We both like to listen to our iPods to help sleep and for relaxation and these seem like they will do the trick.

In addition, I actually am now using Chunyi Lin's meditations much more than I am using the Paraliminals. With these, the below human hearing thing is a non-issue for me. I do have Holosync up to Awakening level 1 and though I still use it from time to time, it will be rarer as I get deeper and deeper into Spring Forest Qigong. And since as Jason pointed out, if these headphones are not effective with Holosync, it only applies to Awakening Level 4 and above. I most likely will never get there. I am happy where I am as far as Holosync levels.

So I thank Jason and all those who kept this thread alive so I could find these. I will report back after I get them.

Posted By: uniquesoul Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/21/08 09:14 AM
Hi SleepySheep,

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. This gives lots of credibility to your company as you actually follow-up the queries by potential customers very thoroughly. I appreciate the link about the frequency response too. You explanation makes me wonder how accurate are the figures on frequency ranges quoted on the products which we can easily find in stores.

I am sure that, if you can find speakers which can go as low as 4 or 6 Hz, you would find that many users of Holosync technology would become your customers very quickly. I look forward to seeing a new posting on here from you when you can find new speakers to help us.
Posted By: danielcgordon Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/21/08 03:13 PM
I'm not a very techinal person at all...Looking at these numbers make my head spin!! I REALLY appricate the people who both understand this and put it in simple terms for people like me to understand!

This question goes back to use with mp3 players...I record at the highest level using Windows Media Player, I thought from some of the other topics that would be enough. But I wouldn't even begin to know what info to look for or where to look for it. I know it mentions 'bit rate' some where on my player.

Is that what I should look for?
For those who understand this better, what are you using to convert files into mp3 while still getting the proper sound (Hz, Ghz, Abc, Xyz, LOL )?


P.S. I agree that its not so much about holosync as PLs but why wouldn't we get the greatest results if its just a matter of a little knowledge? Isn't that why we're here to begin with?
Posted By: shakurav Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/23/08 03:24 AM
The answer for most people is to use a high bit rate (anything over 200 will be way good enough for most uses and for most people). And use VBR (variable bit rate) setting. I use iTunes.

For those who REALLY want to make sure, don't convert to mp3. Stay with .wav files or AIFF. These are uncompressed files. THe AIFF files take up a lot of space. .Wav not as much. Either will play on iPod and many other mp3 players.

And yes, a little knowledge is why we are here. And as the saying goes, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!".

I think the bottom line is that these SleepPhones will serve most people here just fine. I just got mine and so far I really do like them. They did slip off in the night and so did my iPod alarm did not wake me up, but for falling asleep they were great. I played the sleep track from the FAITH AND CONFIDENCE paraliminal, "Helping others" section. and it felt and sounded great.

It seems clear and resolved that anyone in Awakening Level 4 or beyond will not at least think that these are the best headphones for them. And therefore, since I think thinking is an important part of such programs, it is only for people into Paraliminals and those in the Holosync program up to Awakening Level 3 and below. Also a lot of binaural beats programs will do fine with these.

I will report back with further observations about the SleepPhones as I use them more. I may need to trade them in for one size smaller to make sure that they stay on my head as I sleep. One of the reasons I got them was to help me wake up in the morning without disturbing my wife.

Stay tuned.
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/23/08 07:05 AM
I like the idea behind the SleepPhones. I hope they will get a technical breakthrough with a new brand of headphones they can embed into their SleepPhones. They are a very serious and thorough company.

I like the eardrops, but they make my ear canal soar.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/26/08 02:38 PM
The Holosync soundtrack on the Paraliminals is not in the low carrier range. Any comfortable stereo headphones will do. It's simply alpha to theta entrainment.

Really if you are doing the Holosync program You don't want to sleep with them as I understand the Holosync program is a meditation tool. You want your decent headphones for that. For the majority of entrainment audio 10 Hz should be sufficient.

Now for interesting research. Too much listening to any audio through headphones is damaging to ones hearing. The ears never had to deal with such constant sound. So you might want to consider turning off any audio devices after the first hour so the ears get a rest too.

Posted By: shakurav Re: headphones for sleeping - 03/27/08 09:36 PM

The Holosync soundtrack on the Paraliminals is not in the low carrier range. Any comfortable stereo headphones will do. It's simply alpha to theta entrainment.

Really if you are doing the Holosync program You don't want to sleep with them as I understand the Holosync program is a meditation tool. You want your decent headphones for that. For the majority of entrainment audio 10 Hz should be sufficient.

Now for interesting research. Too much listening to any audio through headphones is damaging to ones hearing. The ears never had to deal with such constant sound. So you might want to consider turning off any audio devices after the first hour so the ears get a rest too.


Amen to all of the above!

I now have been using the SleepPhones for over a week. I love them. They work great for Paraliminals. I also use them a lot with Spring Forest Qigong meditations.

And I always program my iPod (in all of the above or anything else) to play usually about a half hour before it shuts off (an hour tops). And then with something to wake me up in the morning (without disturbing my wife! That is one of the things I really love about these SleepPhones: they work very well both for "sleep learning' and to help with sleep, as well as to wake up! Very cool.

So again, the bottom line: these are going to work VERY well for most people wanting to Sleep Learning, or to help with sleep (and waking up!). But if you want to use them for Holosync and really are committed to that program, these are probably not the best for you. But that is not what they are designed for. For what they are designed , they do great!
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