Posted By: melsan Feeling Worse - 05/15/10 08:08 PM
I did a session today called 'Get around to it' to help with my procrastination, and I felt substantially worse for several hours afterward. Why is this? Has this happened to anyone else?
Posted By: CPW1 Re: Feeling Worse - 05/19/10 03:40 PM
How are you doing?
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Feeling Worse - 05/20/10 12:57 PM
I think An important question is what are you working on?

I believe not all procrastination is bad. Sometimes we procrastinate because we are in danger and our conscious mind doesn't see it yet but the non-conscious mind does. Sometimes we experience internal conflict. The price of doing something is too high or goes against some moral value. Or we fear the repercussions.

As an example one might procrastinate on writing an job application. The job looks good higher pay and benefits. It's a little further to travel and it all sounds good and you have experience to get the job. And yet one finds themselves not writing that application. Then they use a a motivational tool to get it done and instead they feel much more anxious and still not writing that application.

Consciously everything says yes, go and yet non-consciously you're get blocked into inaction. What's going on? In my hypothetical example the non-conscious mind is aware of seeing an article that that company is in financial difficulty and was in danger of liquidating a year ago. One may not consciously remember that article only feel familiar with and familiarity is usually a good thing consciously and in this case it is not.

What the mind wants is further research. Has the company recovered or is there a chance you could be unemployed and short changed if you accepted a job with them.

In this situation it pays to check why are you doing this? Why is it important? Can you grasp what is holding you back? If not try using Personal Genius and asking the non-conscious mind to bring clarity to the situation.

Posted By: CPW1 Re: Feeling Worse - 05/20/10 10:39 PM
Alex, that makes me think back when I use to feel bad about not fixing my grandmothers car when I was the one who messed it up. The problem was a simple problem that would have took me 30 minutes to fix and I kept putting it off over and over again. Come to find out later if I would have fixed her car she would have been putting herself in danger because she was developing Alzheimers and nobody knew.
Posted By: melsan Re: Feeling Worse - 05/21/10 12:09 AM
Im doing OK. I think Ive been overdoing it and am going to take a two day break. I heard in many different therapies that a person often gets worse before getting better.
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Feeling Worse - 05/21/10 10:42 AM
Great example, Alex! Sometimes we procrastinate for a reason we cannot see rationally!!!
Posted By: Open Vessel Re: Feeling Worse - 05/23/10 11:01 PM
I agree that everyone procrastinates. When it becomes a problem, or effects our life, then we must look at the underlying reason. Are we afraid of failure (or success)? My goal was to identify that underlying reason to see why I've stopped progress.

My problem has been avoiding things such as contacting prospects who've expressed interest in my business services. My goal for this week is learning it's OK to hear the word NO and NO THANKS without taking it personally.

Alex's situation is a bit different. Alex might have been seeing his Grandmother's illness (even on a subconscious level) and procrastinated to keep her safe the only way he could. By limiting her access to a car she wasn't able to drive and hurt herself or others.

Just my thoughts
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