Posted By: creator558 Paraliminal Accelerator duplicate cds? - 05/20/10 11:23 PM
Hello, I recently bought the paraliminal accelerator course. I also have all the paraliminals.

Can someone tell me if the paraliminal cds in the accelerator program are the same as what is in the regular pl cds.

for example if i have "New Behavior Generator" cds in the accelerator course are they the same as the cds i already have?
If not what is the difference?

I don't want to try and listen to them to see if they are different crazy
Posted By: candis01 Re: Paraliminal Accelerator duplicate cds? - 05/21/10 08:08 PM
The accelerator CDs are for coaching. You first listen to the accelerator cd which gives you insights and guidance as to the benefits to (ex. Ideal Weight). The accelerator tells the history behind making the CD and what outcomes you should expect from listening to the cd.
The Paraliminal Accelerator is a coaching course guiding you in the use of the Paraliminals. You won't have any duplicates as you need to own most of the Paraliminals (Ultimate You Library) to work with the Paraliminals.

As I use an mp3 player to listen to my paraliminals, and have the accelerator as well, I decided to put together a series of playlists so that the relevant coaching section is teamed with the relevant paraliminal immediately afterwards. As I put them together when I was vaguely with it, I stand a better chance of completing the accelerator with each of the 40 days as a simple selection on my player than trying to put the whole thing together when I actually want to use it.

I will be starting my first run through the accelerator shortly, once I have got some exams out of the way next week. I am interested in how it will help me in setting up a couple of small businesses for myself and then making them successful. If anything interesting happens, I will let you know.

Kind regards to all

Just to make sure I have this right.

My goal right now it to become efficient at selling. I just started a home study sales course. I can use the accelerator program to work through for the 40 days for this goal.

Should i use the accelerator program for this or should i use specific paraliminals (sales leap,personal genius) to work through the course?

I not sure if i should focus on couple cds or go through the whole course.

You opinion would be greatly appreciated.
The entire Paraliminal Accelerator course is a very thorough way of using the Paraliminals.
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