Posted By: Karim Memory Supercharger - 01/31/11 06:02 PM
I have been using the Ultimate You Library for a few months now and have had some remarkable breakthroughs in all areas of my life. I love the Paraliminals, but there is an event that recurs whenever I listen to the Memory Supercharger Paraliminal. I manage that tunnel vision Paul leads the listener into at the start of the Paraliminal, but as it proceeds, and I don't know exactly when, I just doze off. This usually occurs when I'm slightly fatigued. The sleep state induced as a result is temporary and I usually find myself awake shortly after the Paraliminal is over. I am just curious if there is any virtue to sustaining an alert state while listening to a Paraliminal or dozing off is just as good. I prefer staying conscious and would welcome any tips and suggestions regarding how it might be achieved.
Posted By: AB Re: Memory Supercharger - 02/01/11 04:49 AM
From what I understand, if you wake up right after the session is over, its really a good thing. It means that the mind was in a state of trance and absorbed the information deeply.

Just curious, could you share some of your those breakthroughs you mentioned ? it'd be inspiring for others.

Posted By: RachelVng Re: Memory Supercharger - 02/02/11 02:06 PM
Hi Karim,
Just to add to AB, yes, in the one of the Paraliminal Accelerator coaching sessions Paul states that the dozing can happen but the fact you come alert when he counts you back shows that your mind IS responding to the Paraliminal. I'd also like to hear about your breakthroughs, if you're willing to share, since I am also working through the library using the Accelerator. Such stories are always motivating!
Posted By: Karim Re: Memory Supercharger - 02/06/11 09:53 PM
Oh certainly! I'd love to share the incredible transformation that has taken place in my life thanks to the Paraliminals.

It's a bit difficult for me to decide where I should begin, so I'll mix minor transformations with the major ones to be as complete as possible.

When I purchased the Ultimate You Library, the next event that occurred in my life was being handed over my pink slip at work. So, the first goal I had to set for myself was to arrange the money needed to pay off my installments with Learning Strategies. I had too many issues in my personal life, but now there was a financial burden to fire it up. Thanks to the Fresh Start Paraliminal, I had hope. Whenever I listened to it, I was able to pick myself up and find choices where none seemed to exist, so I kept on keeping on until I finally paid off Learning Strategies after seven months of my purchase. I owe them much for their generosity in extending our agreement at no additional cost. I didn't have another job during this time, so I really kept using the Fresh Start Paraliminal to invent creative strategies for arranging the money that was needed. Fresh Start really sowed the seeds for the highly resourceful person I have now become.

I must add that the best Paraliminal for creativity is beyond doubt the New Option Generator, but I hadn't matured enough to make it work back then. Fresh Start was the only Paraliminal that kept working for me at that time.

The next big transformation that took place was when I was able to make the Self-Esteem Supercharger work for me. I would listen to it several times during the day and my hopes to create the life of my dreams would be renewed whenever I listened to it.

I was totally demoralized, but the Self-Esteem Supercharger gave me the confidence to take another job, which I did last September.

There were many factors at work that demanded new skills that I didn't have. First, my job places a huge demand on my time and energy. I work 10-12 hours a day and often work the weekends. Back when I started, I would get burnt out very, very easily. I would procrastinate to do the smallest thing. There were many reasons why this would happen. We are a small company and we constantly get interrupted. I would carry the stress of one project into the next and then to the next and so on. I had a hard time figuring out how to take a break.

Add to that a boss who is extremely demanding and often verbally abusive when his expectations are met. While this has become a thing of the past as I have worked diligently to build a high level of trust with him, it was very challenging initially. I began using Anxiety-Free-B followed by Self-Esteem Supercharger to find the confidence necessary to interact with him gracefully. This began panning out when I used the freed up energy to get better at work.

Then, I discovered the power of the 10-Minute Supercharger Paraliminal when played back to back. The reason I didn't like it before is that I would play it once and expect to get fabulous results. I used to get disappointed when that didn't happen, but through repeated trial and error, I discovered that playing it back to back and then following the sessions with a cup of tea produced for me a euphoric high that was just the break I needed between two projects. This discovery alone is responsible for the standard for productivity my boss says I have set for others at our company.

Today, I love my job and my boss is really happy.

But this result was created also because I changed my beliefs about work. Instead of condemning my boss for drowning us under a heavy load of work, I decided to see my work as an opportunity for self-enrichment. I decided to release my self-limiting belief that work wears me out and install the self-enhancing belief that work is an opportunity for self-enrichment. I created a script for my new belief and would be happy to share it. I found the Belief Paraliminal to be incredibly useful in this regard. As a result, I have been able to develop a positive mental attitude.

My boss has a bad habit of providing negative feedback in a way that makes learning arduous. I even pointed that out to him once and he told me he is working on it. Nevertheless, I found Anxiety-Free-B and Self-Esteem Supercharger great tools for repelling his negative energy. Additionally, I began using the New Option Generator to see through and correct my flaws on a regular basis. The New Option Generator is my personal favorite for a couple of reasons. First, I know that it creates an Aha! experience for me each and every time I find myself without a winning choice. Second, it is the best way to learn how to use your Ultimate You Library. When you are stuck and don't know which Paraliminal to turn to, listen to the New Option Generator. It will heighten your awareness of your present state. With this Paraliminal, "misfortunes" become opportunities for self-enrichment.

Perfect Health has been a life-saver given the demands of my job. It is more powerful than Tylenol smile

New History Generator-A and Prosperity have been an excellent combination for situations where I have found myself obsessing over what I don't want. They have given me instant inspiration whenever I have been desperate.

Today, I have a new outlook to life. Today, I see "misfortunes" as opportunities and have acquired the awareness to understand that if we could simply shift our state from confusion to curiosity, we would eventually recognize that no so-called adversity is unfortunate except that it demands new skills, new options, new attitudes and a new belief system.

I now have Euphoria! from Learning Strategies and Awakening Prologue from Centerpointe. These tools have compounded the power of Paraliminals for me because they heighten my awareness. Paraliminals present me with so many options that it can easily get confusing. With tools that heighten my awareness, my Paraliminal learning has become even more enjoyable.
Posted By: RachelVng Re: Memory Supercharger - 02/07/11 08:54 AM
Thanks for sharing your experiences, Karim. I appreciate it!
Posted By: AB Re: Memory Supercharger - 02/10/11 08:08 PM
Yes, Thank you Karim !
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Memory Supercharger - 02/12/11 09:28 AM
Good post, Karim!
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