Posted By: nickysduck2 resistance - 04/03/05 06:34 PM
Hi, I have discoverd in my use of many self help prodtucs that I have a lot of resistance. Not just some, A LOT! I am sure this is why nothing ever works for me.I just purchsed the 22 cd set of the paralimials and can't feel any differecne when i use them either.I am slo working with the release technique as part of the abundance course by Larry Crane and resistance is playing a big part there also.I want to let go of wanting everything i want and can't because of resistance.If anyone out there is familiar with the abundance course you know that in order to release you have feel the emotion you want released, but i can't make myself feel it when i need to in order to release.Im stuck.I tried releasing on the stuckness too and got nowhere.Is there a paraliminal that helps battle resistance?

Posted By: weight39doug Re: resistance - 04/03/05 09:13 PM
It sounds to me like you are feeling something...resistance. How about not worrying about the underlying emotion and just releasing on the resistance. Resistance is a bodily/energetic sensation that can be released itself. Once that is cleared out then you can feel what is underneath. Believe it or not resistance actually presents an opportunity for growth.

What I have done in the past is listen to the 1st CD 2nd track of the abundance course and just released on resistance. For example when Larry says "Now think of something that makes you angry"...I don't think of something that makes me angry I just stick with the feeling of resistance the whole time. It seemed to work for me at the time.

Are you a holosync listener? In my experience overwhelm is another name for resistance. Holosync overwhelm is sticky but it can be released just do the "Release Technique" process on the overwhelm and be patient it takes a while. Release on the overwhelm for the entire 2nd track of the 1st CD and you should notice a change in the emotion. It might become more raw as opposed to knotted and tight (that is progress). Do this process everyday and you will get better at it!

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Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: resistance - 04/04/05 03:19 AM
I know Larry Cranes course focuses on the emotional but in truth that's not for everyone. You don't have to identify with the emotion to release it.

Your post hints at an element of pride at the fact that you have a lot of resistance. [That probably triggered resistance there and then - good!]

It looks to me like you're trying to resist the resistance... what's the point?

The fact that you're resisting the resistance is the underlying theme.

Do this for the experience. Grab a ruler or something of similar lenght. Take it up with one hand and now grip it real tight. If it were a pencil it would break. Keep gripping it real tight and call it Resistance to Paraliminals working. Now grab the other end with the other hand. Grip it real tight, again if it were a pencil it would break. Now call that Resistance to the Resisting Paraliminals.

Now for a rule. You're not allowed to release your grip on either end and and you have to try and pull the resistance out of the other hand. Keep gripping both ends, no letting go now...

Keep pulling but hold tight on each end. If you accidently let go take it up agian. Because you're not allowed to let go... that's the rule of resisting, you're not allowed to let go. Keep pulling keep trying to end the resisting by keeping resisting....

What's the point? See the paradox? if you want to quit resisting you need to let go. So now both metaphically and physically let go of the object you're gripping with resistance and see yourself letting go of resisting resistance and resisting the Paraliminals.

That's how easy it is to let go. You don't need to know the emotion. You only need to see where your resistance is taking you.

If you are resisting letting go of something pick up an object like a pencil and say this is how I'm holding onto [name what you are resisting]. Ask yourself the releasing questions. Would you. could you, if not now when, and when you decide that you can release "just for now." Drop the pencil. And accept you've just release on what you wanted to release.


Posted By: nickysduck2 Re: resistance - 04/04/05 05:04 AM
I am a holsync user and it never dawned on me that my resistance could be overwhelm of use of holosync! I agree with 100%.This situation makes it seem impossible to release anything.I keep trying and trying and nothing ever changes.I will take your advice and use the tape 1 cd, track 2 and try to release on the resistance.You sound like you were in my same situation and it feels great to know im not alone.What level of holosync are you on and how do you like it?


Posted By: weight39doug Re: resistance - 04/05/05 04:54 AM
I am on Purification level 3.

The first few years of Holosync posed an incredible challenge for me (not much fun in fact kind of hellish). I fought the growth every step of the way (hence the overwhelm/resistance).

For me personally it was worth it. I doubt I would have been willing to face all of that emotional baggage without being embroiled in it. The unrelenting stimulus was exactly what I needed at the time.

If you learn how to release resistance you will have an amazing skill that will come in useful in many areas of your life. Not many people look inward but that is where the biggest rewards lie <--- alright I will stop now...I am starting to get cheesy.

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