I've got the Ideal Mindset, Decisive Action, Consistent Achievement, Resiliency, and Natural Brilliance sets on cassette. I've also got Ideal Weight on cassette. I am about halfway through Ideal Mindset. I listen through a light/sound machine while seated on a meditation cushion. I have been doing the requisite reading of the manual and writing out goals and responses.

I have also been listening to one side of "Ideal Weight" each night as I go to sleep.

My goal is to get into the best shape of my life and get down to around 160 lbs. I'd like to run the marathon that is held in Mankato, MN in October of 2013. I want to use my cassette sets along with Ideal Weight in an efficient and systematic manner to achieve this goal.

I have got my exercise and eating in order and have already lost about 50 lbs. in the last 4 months. I want to use the tapes to help keep me on track, minimize setbacks, and heighten my motivation.

I've also got "Genius Code" and the PhotoReading Learning Course on cassette. Not sure how I might use these to help me achieve my goal.

Any thoughts on how I might optimize?
Work with them as advised in the course. Don't rush it.

I have gotten to the Belief B coaching tape so far. Going in order through the "Ideal Mindset" set. I am listening to one side of a tape per night. I listen through a light and sound machine as these earlier versions of the paraliminals do not have the holosync binaural beats in the background. I have been sitting in a half-lotus position as I listen.

I have also been cycling through the "ideal weight" and "anxiety free" tapes. One side per night as I go to sleep. I am laying down with the headphones on. I do not use the light and sound machine when I am listening at bedtime.

I am trying to decide whether to move next to "Decisive Action" or to do "Natural Brilliance"

"Decisive Action" seems to be the logical next step but "Natural Brilliance is the set I am most excited about listening to.
Just work your way through each course once. One after the other and repeat for each goal.

Natural Brilliance is one you can do in a week. You can do that along side the Paraliminals.

So I finished Ideal Mindset tonight. I started it on January 1st so it took me a bit over two weeks to get through it. I tried to listen to one side of a tape per day and missed a few days and listened to two sides on a couple of days.

Overall I am not sure what has happened. I didn't really notice any movement toward my goal. My weight has stayed at about 250 give or take a few lbs since before Christmas. My goal is to get to about 160 by October of 2013. A subgoal was to make it to 225 by Feb. 15. It seems clear that is not going to happen. I have stayed diligent with my exercise and with food for the most part though I have found it more difficult recently to stay under my goal of 1600 calories per day, though I am not missing it by a lot most days.

The next obvious set to go through would be Decisive Action. I don't mind that idea but I am most excited about going through Natural Brilliance. Need to decide before tomorrow night which I will start. Will take the same strategy I have been using of listening to one side of a tape per night until finished.

I am also planning to review each of the paraliminals from Ideal Mindset as I go to sleep each night.
Have you started Natural Brilliance yet?

I will start it this evening unless I decide to use "Decisive Action" first.
Well, I have decided that even though "Decisive Action" seems like the most logical step in the progression I am drawn more to "Natural Brilliance" and will go through that set next.

The overriding goal I will have while working through this will still be to get to 160 lbs down from about 250 by October and to get into the best shape of my life thus far.
I'm thinking of doing Resiliency after Natural Brilliance.
Interesting, you're intuition guiding you to that? Great course when you feel like you can't get up again or take too long to get on track again, when things don't seem to go according to plan.

Yes. It seems like Natural Brilliance followed by Resiliency could be really good for shaking up non-useful patternns of behavior.
I listened to side A of tape 1 of Natural Brilliance last night.

I listened to side A of the Natural Brilliance Generator when I went to bed. Woke up about 3 am and then listened to Natural Brilliance Generator Side B. I plan to do this every night while working through the Natural Brilliance course.
That works.

I've now listened to both sides of the Natural Brilliance Generator 3 times. I have only made it through the A side of the first tape for the entire course, though. I will attemp to listen to tape 1, side b this evening as well as tape 2, side a.
Just listened to side b of tape 1. Plan to listen the coaching and paraliminal for "Release" by the end of the evening.
Just listened to tape 2, side a which is coaching for the release paraliminal. Felt pretty tense and tired and decided to listen to the release paraliminal tomorrow night. Will listen to side a of the natural brilliance generator as I go to sleep.
just woke up in the middle of the night and listened to nbg side b
I didn't get to the tapes as much as I would have liked this weekend. Would like to get through all of NB by the upcoming Sunday and start Resiliency.
Just listened to the "Release" paraliminal. Found it really hard to relax during. Will listen again as I go to sleep.
Be careful of trying too hard. Getting stuck in wanting change keeps you stuck in wanting change.

I recommend taking a playful approach. Just see what happens?

Well I just keep playing one pretty much every night....I am not seeing any big changes.....but it also seems like there is something good in the process, too.

Will try to do the "Notice" coaching and paraliminal tonight if I can fit them both in after my workouts.
We don't often "see" changes in ourselves because we are that change. It's the same as you didn't see the day you suddenly became an expert at tying shoe laces. You just do it.

Yes...I am sure that is true....I am committed to the process and seeing it out to the end.....I didn't get to the Notice coaching session last night.....Didn't get to my workouts as quick as usual and went to bed earlier.....but I will get to it this evening....I find it harder to motivate myself to listen to the coaching sessions than the paraliminal sessions.
Just listened to the coaching tape for the "Notice" subliminal. I have to admit to having some difficulty motivating myself to listen to those. I like the paraliminals more.
Planning to do the "Notice" paraliminal tonight.....then it will also become the tape Iisten to as I go to sleep until I get to the "Respond" paraliminal.
Just listened to the "Notice" paraliminal. Was a bit agitated during. Also kept wondering how consciously I should attempt to follow the instructions regarding the symbolic elements in the hands.
Wanted to listen to another but am not in the right mood. Will listen to "Notice" again as I go to sleep.
Woke up at about 3:30 am and listened to the "Notice" paraliminal again. I really have found this one to stir up anxiety with me.
Why are you listening to the step Paraliminals more than once as you go through the course once?

You seem to have taken a must do, must see results.

You seem to be listening to 3 Paraliminals in a day for more than a week.

Well, I guess I figured listening to each more than once would be better than listening just once.

I'm trying to follow through and stick with the process.
Just finished listening to the "Respond" coaching session. Am planning to listen to the "Respond" paraliminal session this evening if my schedule accomodates.
Just listened to the "Respond" paraliminal.
It's not necessary to listen to the Paraliminal more than once before going onto the next. It's a nice balance to listen and continue with the course. People get stuck on trying to perfect each step when doing CD courses however in most cases it's necessary to do the next step and allow the previous one to integrate.

It's like the teacher at the front of the class room. If they keep saying the same thing over and over, you start asking so? What's the point. Often the next step helps make sense of the previous point. And what you thought it was that you needed to do wasn't needed.

It applies to all courses. Do the course, don't stay with a lesson or section until you think you perfected it. Perfecting one section is like carving a carrot into a pencil and then later discovering you only needed to peel it for the recipe.

You do what you can, do the best you can and find out how you did once it's done. It's a learning experience.

Ok. I will only listen to each side of a tape once if you think that will suit me better.

I guess I was thinking of the paraliminals in terms of conditioning. That the more I listened the more the ideas on the tape would be imprinted on my mind.

Do you think it is appropriate to listen to the Natural Brilliance Generator before bed while going through the program?

Hoping to get to the "Witness" coaching session this evening.

Just listened to the "Witness" coaching session. Will do the paraliminal tomorrow.

Planning to listen to side A of the Natural Brilliance Generator as I go to sleep.
The Generator Paraliminal you can use daily and you can listen to the whole course again. It's actually better if you work through the course and then do it again. That adds the deeper conditioning you're looking for.

I will eventually listen to the whole course again. Next, though, I think I will do "Resiliency". Probably will to Natural Brilliance Generator A one night and then B the next while going through that course.
My schedule right now:

Finish Natural Brilliance, then do Resiliency, and then the Ideal Mindset, Decisive Action, Consistent Achievement trio in that order. Then start over again....though I do have a couple of non-Learning Strategies tape sets I might try in between.

I've got Dick Sutphen's "Self Mastery: The Zen Way to Attain Peace, Develop Detachment, and Program Success" on tape. That one is going to get some listening time at some point.

I've just acquired this app to start using to help me lose weight and train for running.

Still winter here. Will be able to start using it hopefully in March.
Just listened to the "Witness" paraliminal.

Will listen to side B of the Natural Brilliance Generator while going to sleep.

Resiliency starts tomorrow and I will continue listening to one side of the Natural Brilliance Generator every night as I go to sleep.
Listened to Natural Brilliance Generator Side B last night while going to sleep.

Today will start with Side A of the first tape in the Resiliency series.
Listened to Tape 1 Side A of Resiliency. A change of pace to have someone other than Mr. Paul Scheele do most of the talking.
Listened to Tape 1 Side B tonight. I am finding Resiliency quite interesting.....differes in fundamental style and content than Ideal Mindset and Natural Brilliance.....will be interested to see how the paraliminals function in this one.
Curiosity, an excellent approach to learning experiences.

Originally Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus
Curiosity, an excellent approach to learning experiences.


Curiousity is one of my most significant personal characteristics.

I am liking "Resiliency" so far.....two things....I wish the sessions were a broken up into slightly shorter segments (seems like they are around 35 minutes long - - - it's easier for me to fit in a 20 to 25 minute or so session - - - I would like to get to a paraliminal more quickly but I am definitely enjoying the content the most so far of the LS programs (Ideal Mindset and Natural Brilliance so far) I have gone through.
Plan to listen to Tape 2 Side A tonight.

Will listen to side B of the Natural Brilliance Generator whilst journeying to dreamland.
Didn't get to Tape 2 Side A last night. Would like to get through several tape sides over the weekend.
Well the issue I have been working on (ongoing weight loss) has stalled out. I had gone from about 300 lbs down to around 250 and now I seem to have stalled out with the weight staying between about 245 and 250. I am at 6'1". I have upped levels of cardio to go with my MetRx 180 workouts so that I am exercising at least an hour a day. What I am eating is good. I am eating the right things. The problem is that I am hungry and can't seem to reduce the quantities low enough to continue losing weight. Very frustrating.
Have not had time to listen to any of the Resiliency sessions this weekend.

Am thinking of using my going to sleep listening slot to listen to "Ideal Weight" and other weight loss related hypnosis sessions that I own.
Frustration. Had to sit through a nearly two hour lecture this evening leaving me no time to get home and exercise and listen to another "Resiliency" lecture.

Need to get back to it tomorrow night.

My exercise is first priority. Listening to a tape has been second priority over anything else.
So it has been since last Wednesday since I have listened.

Listened to a weight loss hypnosis tape last night. Two long and didn't get me into trance. Length is one of the big reasons I prefer the paraliminals. They are usually 20 to 25 minutes long rather than 40 to 60 minutes long like many of the hypnosis tracks I have.
Not going to get to it tonight either. Yow.
I seem to be off track at the moment. Part of the problem is that the Resiliency tapes are about 35 minutes to a side and I haven't been able to fit that amount of time in. It seemed like the Natural Brilliance tapes were about 10 minutes shorter per side and that made a big difference for my willingness to sit down and actually listen.

Goal for the weekending is to get back on track.
Finally got back on track with "Resiliency". Listened to Tape 2, Side A this evening. Good content. I am finding the sessions to be especially long, though. This one was 35 minutes.
Finished Tape 2, Side B this evening. Looking forward to going through the first "Resiliency" paraliminal session tomorrow night.
Finished the first paraliminal in the Resiliency set. Tape 3 Side A.
Just completed Tape 2 Side B of "Resiliency".
Have started a new exercise protocol and redoubled efforts to keep caloric intake below 1600 calories per day.
Keep up the good work.

Originally Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus
Keep up the good work.


Thanks. Have not listened to "Resiliency" for a week. Will try to get back on track with that is that I have been ramping up my exercise protocol....so have been spending more time with that....so that is not a bad thing.

"Resiliency" and my other tape sets are still on the radar.....just need to clear a space for them in the evening.
Just completed Tape 4, Side A of Resiliency.
Just finished Tape 4, Side B of Resiliency. Getting through the set slowly but surely.
Starting bak in after maybe 5 months off from using the paraliminals. I've just decided to start back in right where I left off.
Just listened to 5A through my Proteus Light and Sound Machine. I think this helps to get me into the appropriate state for the suggestions to take hold.
I've got a bunch of tape sets and have used paraliminals off and on since 1996. I really want to believe they can work but have really gotten no perceivable results from using them. Periodically I get an urge to try them again, though. I feel like I must be using them wrong. Can anyone give advice? Does one need to somehow listen more actively and, if so, what exactly would that entail?

The last time I used my paraliminsls was back in 2013 when I put in a pretty disciplined two month run with them as documented earlier in this thread.
What's your listening goal? Why do you listen to any self help audio?

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